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Jordan Taylor is a travel vlogger with over 676K subscribers on her YouTube Channel “Travellight”, Taylor has uploaded 244 videos so far on her YouTube channel. She left her home in Miami to travel the world without any pre-decided destination and enjoyed every bit of it, which we can see in her videos on YouTube. She loves traveling and exploring every untouched part of her destination, which shows how she is enjoying traveling as her full-time profession.

Jordan Taylor was born on August 13, 1994, in the state of Chicago in the United State of America. She left her home, family, and job just to fulfill her dream of traveling around the globe. Jordan doesn’t plan any of her trips and that is the most interesting side of her, traveling without any travel destination in mind and enjoying the upcoming surprises the country or city offers.   

She was in Miami, USA when she decided to explore the beautiful world. Jordan Taylor left her job and her family just to travel the world, she booked a one-way ticket and started to live her dream.

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Jordan started her YouTube career on 20 Jun 2014, when she created her YouTube Channel “Travellight”. Jordan’s first video which she has uploaded on her YouTube Channel was on the 19th of April 2015. In her first video, she shared the thoughts behind creating a YouTube channel. Jordan said that her sister has two YouTube channels, she uploads her beauty tips on the first one, and on the second YouTube channel she uploads her daily life videos and she got inspiration from her sister to create her own YouTube channel.

She wanted to create a YouTube channel where she could share her travel and adventures experience to entertain her audience. Initially, she planned to record her experience in Miami because she thought there are lots of people who would want to go there and would love to know more about the city.

Jordan Taylor’s initial journey as a full-time traveler/YouTuber

Jordan’s first actual travel video on her YouTube channel was when she moved to the city of Richmond and started exploring the beautiful Richmond city. She posted a video where she tried to show the beautiful city and places to eat and drink.

In her first few travel video, she was traveling around different states in the USA like, Richmond, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In all these videos she tried to show the popular tourist destinations of these cities.

The first International trip she did was from New York, the USA to Madrid, Spain. Like her previous few videos which she has published on her YouTube channel, this video was also similar to that where she was showing more about the city.

She has traveled to many countries, like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal, and a few other countries. The best part of her traveling is that she goes to the not very touristy places also, which are hidden from the world and mostly visited by the locals of those countries.

Travellight – Jordan Taylor Instagram

Image: Travellight – Jordan Taylor Instagram

While growing up Jordan used to read history books, about Egypt, other history, adventure books, and about places all over the world. And since then she desired to know more about the world different places started growing.

She never liked working in corporate offices, getting promotions, or buying a car, and an apartment. She said these were meaningless to her, so she decided to quit her job and sold her apartment, and bought a ticket for Madrid. Madrid was also her first international trip as a traveler, and that’s how she started her journey as a full-time travel vlogger.

When she was in the early 20s, her friends recommended her to watch travel videos, like “Travelling the world for free or Traveling long term”. She used to watch lots of travel videos, which really inspired her, and she came to know about such a lifestyle where she can travel and make money as a full-time professional.

She has a Romanian boyfriend, Livio. They both travel together and explore all the beautiful places around the world. They both met in a cafe in Santorini, Greece. Livio is also a travel vlogger and he can be seen in Jordan’s video on a regular basis. She has taken Livio to the USA to meet her family and they spent a good time there.

Taylor was traveling to Pakistan and visited northern Pakistan on her trip, Jordan has traveled to many beautiful villages of Pakistan and shared her experience with her fans. Jordan also visited Skardu, and after that, her China trip began.

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The American YouTuber also visited Taiwan, one of the most underrated countries. Jordan has visited the beautiful beaches around the country and has also shown us the gorgeous waterfalls in the little heaven. You can not complete a trip to any country without having the local foods. Taylor has also visited the local street food center and tasted some of the local dishes.

Jordan Taylor (Travellight) on OnlyFans (jordantaylor_night)

Jordan Taylor, the Travellight YouTuber has recently announced her new content creation journey with OnlyFans and her username is jordantaylor_night. OnlyFans is a platform whereas as a creative content creator you can monetize your work. Taylor announced this on her YouTube channel and shared a video for her followers and her new journey looks exciting. She has created a profile (jordantaylor_night) on this platform and also said about her future with YouTube.

About Travellight – Jordan Taylor – Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Affairs, Kids, Husband, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Home, Car, House, Nationality.

Full NameJordan Taylor
Nick Name and her Stage NameJordan
YouTube Channel NameTravellight
Channel CategoryTravel
Date of Birth13/08/1994
Zodiac SignLeo
StudyThere is no information available about Jordan’s Study
or her school/university.
Height5 Feet 5’ Inches
Weight50 Kg
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
ProfessionYouTuber, Traveler
Father’s NameHer Father’s name is not available at this moment.
Mother’s NameHer Mother’s name is not available at this moment.
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceThe detail about her current residence is not available
because she keeps traveling to different places.
Boyfriend/Affairs/HusbandShe has a boyfriend, Livio. He is also a travel vlogger.
They both met each other while traveling.
Family MembersThere is no information available about her parents.
She has two. sisters and brothers-in-law. They all live in
Richmond, United States.
Net WorthThere is no correct information about her income,
but her main source of income is through her YouTube
Social MediaFacebook: travellight21
Instagram: @travellight21
Some Lesser-Known FactsShe is a self-taught YouTuber, she used to feel awkward
in front of the camera, when she started vlogging.
But she learned and improved the quality of her videos.
She feels she is more like a writer than a cinematographer
or filmmakers.

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