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Mohit Manocha aka Traveling Desi is one of the very popular Indian travel vloggers, born and brought up in Faridabad, Haryana, India. TD started his YouTube journey on 17 Jan 2018 and with his all hard work today he has over 2.82 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he has uploaded over 1k videos on the channel.

Traveling Desi has traveled to over 25 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, and many in Europe. His travel video is very helpful for those who have dreams of visiting different countries of the world, he explains how to plan the journey, expenses during his stay and what are the places to visit in those countries.

Mohit mostly shares his travel experience by creating a video series on his channel Traveling Desi (TD). He just not shares his real experience but also guides the enthusiast travelers, on how to plan an international trip on a budget. It would not be wrong to say that TD is helping to fulfill the dreams of many Indians, who wish to travel abroad but don’t have much information.

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Mohit Manocha Early Life

Mohit was not very good in study, he got 62% in class 10th and his family doesn’t have hope for him, but in the 12th examination, he worked hard and got 82%. He wanted to be a Lawyer, but destiny had some other plans for him. One day his uncle (his mother’s brother) came home, who had a software company, and wanted his brother to join his company, who was an engineer.

TD’s father requested his uncle to check if he can get some work for him and that’s how Mohit started working for his uncle’s IT company. Manocha had good communication skills and because of that he was able to generate USD 60,000 in the first year for the company, his uncle was impressed with him and offered him to be his business partner.

Mohit Manocha first wife and Personal Life

Mohit had a very struggling life, his marriage did not work and he lived alone for almost three years and finally, in 2021 he got divorced from his wife after a long legal dispute and struggle, however, Mohit Manocha’s first wife’s name is not available and he never discussed about her in his videos. It was the time when his father Mr. Anil Kumar Manocha passed away with cancer, but he recalls how his friends and family especially his mother and brother stood with him, TD gives them the credit for the life he is living today.

Traveling Desi Instagram

Traveling Desi
Image: Traveling Desi Instagram

Traveling Desi Girlfriend

Mohit is dating Sandra Beauchamp, who is a French Canadian girl and lives in Quebec city of Canada, Sandra is born and brought up in Montreal, Canada. TD announced their relationship in March 2021. They both have bought 10 acres of land in Canada and planning to build their house and office on that land.

In March 2021, Mohit and his family met Sandra and her family in Canada and planned for their future. Sandra and Mohit are married and living together and planning to build their house, they both travelled to India and many other countries.

Traveling Desi Family

Mohit has his mother, Deepa Manocha, brother Sunny Manocha, and Sister-in-law, his father Lt. Anil Kumar Manocha, and TD has married a Canadian girl Sandra Beauchamp. His father passed away because of cancer. His father was a Taxation Lawyer and taught his kids how to save and invest money. TD’s father used to love traveling and on every holiday he used to visit Haridwar, Mohit adopted his father’s traveling habit and this was one of the reasons behind his successful YouTube channel, Traveling Desi.

TD’s brother and his sister-in-law work in Canada and his mother lives with them, they also have a YouTube channel, called Chatty And Scatty.

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Traveling Desi Videos

Mohit Manocha has uploaded his first video on 15th June 2018, which was an informative video about his upcoming travel plans, in the video he explains how someone can travel on a budget to the most expensive countries of the world.

Manocha has uploaded a travel video of Amsterdam, which was viewed over 1.9 million times. The video was a full travel guide for those who want to visit Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. He has visited and shared his experience about the city and also gave the report of his expenses in the city. The beautiful and party places of Amsterdam got high praise from his subscribers.

Traveling desi also provides tips on how to book cheap international flights, in one of the videos he has explained how he booked a cheap flight from India to Europe, he has given a detailed explanation about his flight booking experience.

Mohit Manocha Europe Series

Mohit Manocha has traveled to over 20 European countries, like Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Norway,  Denmark, and Switzerland, in all of his travel videos in the European cities he has traveled on budget. He has traveled in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark for just 65,000 rupees.

TD’s Paris video was also very popular, where he traveled the French capital in just 30,000 rupees. He has also traveled to Istanbul in just 7000 rupees for one day, and if you have just a day in the city his video is going to be very helpful for you.

Traveling Desi’s video where he has guided how to travel in Switzerland in just 75,000 rupees got viewed over 2.3 million times by his subscribers and followers. Mohit has not just shown where to travel in all the popular destinations but also how to travel, you can find the video very useful if you are planning to rent a car or have plans to use public transportation in the country.

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Traveling Desi Thailand Videos

Traveling Desi has traveled to Thailand with his cousin Parag and nephew Nikhil, he has covered many beautiful places in Thailand including the most party places of Thailand and some peaceful and untouched small cities.

In the series, he has explained how to rent a car once you land in Thailand and what are the charges. If you are going to Thailand for a party, you should watch his videos. All those who are planning a budget Thai trip should watch this series, he has booked hostels and hotels for his trip and also guided his followers on how to get the best deal.

Traveling Desi Motorhome Series

Mohit did a Motorhome trip in Canada with his mother, he bought a second-hand Motorhome and explained the whole process of buying a motorhome in Canada. Unfortunately, the motorhome broke down before the trip and he booked another motorhome to continue the series.

Mohit’s dedication to his work makes him different than others, he takes care of all the aspects of his video to improve the video quality. Td has invested a huge amount of money in his camera and audio devices and we can see the quality in his videos.

Currently, he is planning for his future with his girlfriend Sandra and also planning to set up his business in Canada. He is also planning for another Motorhome trip in the near future.

TD has started a motorhome trip in the USA and his recent videos are liked by his followers, he is traveling with his girlfriend and his mother on this trip.

Manocha wants to restart his motorhome trip and went to get his motorhome repaired with his girlfriend and her father, he has shared a video on his YouTube channel. His fans and followers are eagerly waiting for his own motorhome to get started again and hit the Canadian roads.

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Mohit Manocha and Sandra Beauchamp are currently traveling to Jordan. Traveling Desi went to Jordan from India and Sandra came from Canada. Sandra was not getting an Indian tourist visa and they have yet to get their marriage certificate. Because they were unable to stay in India for long, that’s why they planned to meet in Jordan.

Traveling Desi is currently traveling to England with his wife and mother. They had started the trip with lots of expectations but went through a tough time at the beginning of the trip. Mohit has booked a car from a rental company in the UK as he does on most of his trips. The car rental company denied giving them a car and said they don’t have any car available at the time. TD requested them if there is any other way to get the car but the rental company representative denied it and called the police.

The UK Police did their inquiry and requested the Manocha family to leave as they will not get the car from this rental company. It was real trouble for him because he was with his old mother, wife Sandra and lots of luggage. Later Mohit completed the trip and got a car from another rental company and visited some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Traveling Desi New Motor Home

Mohit finally bought his dream motor home from USA in 2023 and he is planning to travel Europe in the same motorhome. He is currently doing all the process to make it possible and during this time he met with Mumbiker Nikhil who is one of the leading YouTuber in India. They travelled together in a few cities of USA during the Nikhil’s bike ride from New York to Alaska in America.

TD’s new motor home got some technical problems and he is trying his best to fix it. He was at the workshop of the motorhome manufacture and trying to solve his problems and it took almost over a week for him to get the problem solved. After getting the motorhome problems solved, he went to meet his nephew Nikhil and shared about his work in Canada. Mohit also shared about his broken MacBook Pro laptop, which got broken by his mistake. During the video he got emotional about it and also shared his emotions with his subscribers.

About Traveling Desi (Mohit ManochaBiography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Brother, Sister in law, Kids, Friends, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, House.

Full NameMohit Manocha 
Nick Name and his Stage Name Mani
YouTube Channel NameTraveling Desi, The Manochas
Channel CategoryTravel
Date of Birth16/08/ 1986
Zodiac SignLeo
StudyHe has done his study till 12th class, 62% in 10th, 82% in 12th,
he wanted to be a lawyer.
Height5′ 7″ Feet
Weight (approx.)83 KG
Birth PlaceFaridabad, Haryana, India
Father’s NameLt. Anil Kumar Manocha
Mother’s NameDeepa Manocha
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifeWife: Sandra Beauchamp
Current ResidenceIndian
Family MembersFather: Lt. Anil Kumar Manocha Mother: Deepa Manocha, 
Brother: Saurav (Sunny) Manocha, Wife: Sandra Beauchamp
Net Worth (approx.)$ 3-4 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @thetravelingdesi
Twitter: Not available
Facebook: Not available
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe got his first cheque of Rs. one lack at the age of 19,
from his uncle’s business and brought his first car Lancer
(second hand), and at the age of 21, he got Honda City.

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