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YouTube Channel: Tobuscus

Toby Turner is also known for his gaming YouTube channel Tobuscus. The American YouTuber started his YouTube journey on 15th June 2006, when he created his YouTube channel and named it Tobuscus. He has over 6.23 million subscribers on this channel Tobuscus. TobyTurner and TobyGames are two other YouTube channels owned by Toby Joseph Turner, let’s know more about him in this Biography.

YouTube channel TobyTurner has over 1.81 million subscribers and TobyGames has 6.26 million subscribers. It shows the popularity of Toby and his work. The comedian has billions of views on his videos and is rated one of the best video creators.

What happened to Tobuscus

We have a few news and some videos shared by him and his ex-girlfriends and can say what happened to Tobuscus. Turner’s ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault in 2016, the news came in various media. His ex-girlfriend April Fletcher, also known as AprilEfff on social media made several allegations against Toby Turner (Tobuscus). She said, he was a drug addict and has cheated on many of her former partners including her.

Tobuscus few other ex-girlfriends also accused him of drugs and rape and a few of his ex-girlfriends denied it and said he never did anything wrong with them. They said he had affairs in the relationship but never assaulted them or did anything wrong.

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Later Toby Turner shared a video, where he said that he never did anything wrong with his ex-girlfriend and her claims are false. He said that April Fletcher wanted a romantic relationship with him but just wanted to be a friend with her. We don’t know who is right or wrong but we all got to know about all this through their videos, news, and various social media platforms.

The Tobuscus YouTuber said that he read her post on Tumblr and he was shocked and hurt. These allegations are false, said the YouTuber Turner. So based on such statements we should not come up with an opinion about What happened to Tobuscus YouTuber.

Tobuscus Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Tobuscus is not just popular on YouTube but also on other social media platforms. Toby Turner has over 913k followers on Twitter, 842k followers on Instagram, and 952k followers on Facebook.

Tobuscus uploads his short videos on Twitter and Facebook and also his other activities on social media. There are many funny videos you will find on his Twitter account and those are really fun to watch. Toby is very active on social media and never fails to entertain us, you should follow him on Twitter or Facebook to experience his funny videos.

Toby Turner Instagram

Toby Turner
Image: Tobuscus Instagram

Tobuscus YouTube Videos

Toby Turner started with some random videos, he uploaded some of his funny song videos which he had performed during stage shows and in his room. The funny YouTuber has also shared his experiences in his kitchen, like how to make Eight o’clock coffee and his experiment with coke and pork.

Tobuscus used to upload all the videos which he used to record in his daily life, sometimes it used to be his house fun video, and sometimes videos from his garden and daily life. He used to upload videos with a length of one minute to 3 minutes, which we generally record on our smartphones in our day-to-day life.

Toby also started making remix videos, where he used to make animations of famous personality images with his full of fun commentary. His videos started getting views and his YouTube channel Tobuscus was getting popular amongst viewers.

Tobuscus started making meme videos after a few years on YouTube and if you see his few old videos you will find it was just recorded with his phone with very less quality. But later he started more interesting videos and his memes videos were high in quality also, which earned him more subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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Turner also makes memes video of products, he has shared a video where he was making fun of an iPad. The video was fun to watch and his commentary was as usual entertaining. He compared the iPad with Samsung and he was talking about the image clarity and the battery life of the iPad and it was really on another level of fun.

He kept his work improving and we can see that in the views that he gets on each video. Tobuscus used to get views of around 100k to 200k in his initial days, but since he started improving his quality, he is getting millions of views on each video. Turner’s fan following is going high every day with his hard work.

Turner also comments on others’ videos, where he picks a few videos and does his commentary on them. His funny and perfect timing makes everyone laugh and entertains at its best. Toby makes many such videos and it’s getting popular on his channel and also have a huge fan base. There are people who are crazy about this kind of video and you can find them in the comment box of each video. After his commentary, he decides which video wins for him and his thoughts on each video.

Toby Turner Picture

Toby Turner
Image: Tobuscus Instagram

The funny YouTuber Toby Turner is not just in love with making meme videos or popular celebrities and animals but also with his foods. He has made a video of Nuggets Roasting on an Open Fire and made a memes song. In the video, you can see him acting in a Christmas dress and roasting his biscuits and nuggets with music in the background.

Turner loves online games and often uploads gaming videos with his funny commentary. Toby has created another YouTube channel for his gaming videos. His gaming YouTube channel called TobyGames has over 6 million subscribers and is loved by online game lovers. The YouTuber is not very active on his Gaming channel but yet the channel has a lot of interesting online gaming videos with his interesting commentary in it.

Toby Turner’s gaming videos are much longer in length compared to his memes videos. He picks different characters in his gaming videos and makes a story out of that with his voice. The funny Toby’s fans love this kind of video and it’s one of the reasons behind his success. So if you are getting bored and want to have a laugh then you should watch Tobuscus videos.

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About Toby Turner (Tobuscus) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs, Kids, Friends, Brother, Sister, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, Bike, House, What happened to Tobuscus.

Full NameToby Joseph Turner
Nick Name and his Stage Name Toby
YouTube Channel NameTobuscus, TobyTurner, and TobyGames
Channel CategoryComedy, Gaming
Date of Birth03/03/ 1985
Zodiac SignPisces
StudyHe did his study at the University of Florida with an interest in
filmmaking and graduated with a degree in telecommunication production.
Height5′ 11″ Feet
Weight (approx.)75 KG
Birth PlaceOsborn, Mississippi, United States
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Musician, and YouTuber
Father’s NameMr. Jackie Turner
Mother’s NameHis Mother’s Name is William Turner
Marital StatusSingle
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifeGirlfriend: details not available
Current ResidenceUSA
Family MembersFather: Jackie Turner, Mother: William Turner, 
Sister: Angie Turner
Net Worth (approx.)$ 5 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @tobuscus
Twitter: @TobyTurner
Facebook: Tobuscus
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe has been in many controversies and one of his girlfriends accused
him of rape, which he denied and gave an explanation for her remark.

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