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Sonny Side, with over 8.37 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel “Best Ever Food Review Show” is very popular amongst the food enthusiast. He created his YouTube Channel on 23 September 2010 and has uploaded over 515 videos on the YouTube channel.

Sonny Side YouTube channel is equally popular on other social media platforms. His channel “Best Ever Food Review Show” has over 315K followers on Instagram and 1.8 million followers on Facebook. It shows how popular his YouTube channel is amongst food lovers. Let’s know more about Your favorite food vlogger Sonny Side in his Biography.

Sonny was born in Minnesota, USA, he moved to Korea in 2008 and lived in Korea for 8 years and used to teach for his living, and now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has also directed an independent Movie Amiss, with Raoul Dyssell in the year 2014, which was released in Korean and English language.

He has visited Iran, and being an American going to Iran was a different experience for him. The American government has already issued an advisory for its people not to travel to Iran for various security reasons. Sonny also mentioned when he called his family and informed them about his Iran trip, he said they all were surprised about his visit to Iran.

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William was very impressed with the hospitality of the local Iranian and tried to show us the other side of the country which we generally don’t see through media. He started his trip from the capital of Iran, Tehran, and tried local food on the street. In his video, you can see the different culture of Iran and their love for food. Sonny also said that Iranian feel proud of their food and they like fresh food and fruits.

He posted a video in 2017 on his channel called “Sonny VS Andrew Zimmern – Stinky Tofu in Taiwan” which got appreciated by his followers. Sonny is quite popular but doesn’t want to work on Television, because he feels that through YouTube, he can reach a greater number of people than a Traditional Network.

The popular food Vlogger has visited many countries like South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, China, etc.

We have also experienced his Bahamas trip where he has shown us why the Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations for seafood and if you get water in your mouth by just listening to seafood you should watch his video, were brought the best seafood of the island country. Various local lobster cooked in different styles and flavors with the locals of Bahamas, he met with local fishermen and went with them to get fresh lobster.

Sonny Side – Best Ever Food Review Show Instagram

Image: Sonny Side Instagram

In this video, you can also see the different varieties of fish, and the first time I saw big bluefish. There are various kinds of lobster you will find in the Bahamas, which you will not get in any other part of the world. He went to the local fishing market and got to know about the fishing industry and its contribution to the economy.

Sonny having his breakfast in one of the seaside restaurants will force you to think about the Bahamas and its beauty and of course, if you are more into the food you can not stay away from this place and all thanks to this man and his hard work.

Sonny Side “Best Ever Food Review Show” Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs

The YouTuber and food Vlogger Sonny Side doesn’t talk much about his personal life in his videos. He never gave any hint about his Girlfriend, wife, if he is in any relationship, or the food reviewer is now married. But we have seen a ring on his finger and few people have assumed that he is married now. We are still now sure about his personal life but will wait for any confirmation from the host of the “Best Ever Food Review Show” about his girlfriend or wife’s name.

Sonny has recently uploaded a video on his channel Best Ever Food Review Show, where he has taken a $100 challenge to eat street food in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang. The video was loved by his fans and got over one million views in just 10 days. In the video, he has shown what all you can eat in Da Nang in just a $100 budget. it is one of the best videos you will get on YouTube, which shows the delicacy of Vietnamese street cuisine.

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In one of the recent videos he has explained how he has traveled to Cuba, he said he and his team traveled on a journalist visa to Cuba than a tourist visa. William also said that there are strict rules for videography in Cuba and to follow his work he has to go on a journalist visa in a collaboration with a local production company. He has already canceled his Cuba trip before for some other reasons and was excited about this trip.

Sonbuchner also mentioned that it is next to impossible for an American to visit Cuba, eat in a Cuban government restaurant and shoot videos. He has planned to roam and experience the local food and culture in various cities of Cuba. So if you are a food lover and planning to visit Cuba you must watch his video before you go and have the best ever Cuban traditional food on your plate.

So, if you are a food lover you know where to get all the information about various food from different countries. William Sonbuchner has shared his recent experience in the African country Tanzania and Tanzanian street food. You can see the biggest fish market in the region and the variety of fish with the locals and the culture in the market. Sonny also bought a big fish from the market and tried some local dishes and also gave an opinion about the foods he tried. The street food experience was once in million, there are a variety of food to try in the country, you can watch his video for more information if you have plans to visit the food destination of this African country.

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About Sonny Side (Best Ever Food Review Show) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, House.

Full NameWilliam Sonbuchner
Nick Name and his Stage NameSonny Side
YouTube Channel NameBest Ever Food Review Show,
More Best Ever Food Review Show
Channel CategoryFood Travel
Date of Birth20/08/1984
Zodiac SignLeo
StudyDid not complete his college
Height (approx.)6’1’’ Feet
Weight. (approx.)95 KG
Birth PlaceMinnesota, USA
ProfessionFood Vlogger
Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameUnknown
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Family MembersUnknown
Net Worth (approx.)$11 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @besteverfoodreviewshow
Facebook: Best Ever Food Review Show
YouTube: Best Ever Food Review Show,
More Best Ever Food Review Show
Twitter: @SonnySided
Some Lesser Known FactsHe was offered a full-time job as a video producer
while traveling to Vietnam.
He doesn’t like Matcha and Cucumber
He went to three colleges and could not complete
his graduation.
He has worked in Restaurants and DJ and applied for
different radio stations jobs but he did not get selected.
Sonny Side is a member of YouTube Star.

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