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Sofie Dossi born on 21 June 2001 in Cypress, California to Mike Dossi and Abir Dossi. She started her YouTube journey on 16 Nov 2013 and created her YouTube channel on her name. Dossi has over 5.4 million subscribers and uploaded over 234 videos on her channel. She is famous for her contortionist moves and aerialist.

Sofie was always interested in gymnastics and dance, since her childhood, she was very passionate about doing such activities. Dossi used to watch online videos to learn and a day she watched contortionist from ‘Cirque du Soleil’ and felt very connected with them, and that was the moment when she decided that she will involve more in this art.

Dossi got her initial fame with American reality television show ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 11, she impressed the judges with her phenomenal performance and got appreciated by the audience. Sofie reached till the finale of the show and emerged as a talented contortionist and aerialist performer.

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Sofie has not just worked on YouTube videos but she is also a promising actress, she was a part of ‘K.C. Undercover’, which was a comedy series on Disney Channel and released in 2016. Her association with Disney Channel continues with ‘Bizaardvark’, in 2017 she appeared in an episode of the comedy series. Dossi. Has also worked in ‘Boss Cheer’, the Brat’s web series where she played the role of Dani.

Dossi has made three separate presence in ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, 2016-17 and she was also seen in ‘Good Mythical Morning’ along with ‘The Doctors’ in the year of 2018. The list of her big presence gets bigger with her appearance in ‘Physics Girl’ in 2018 and ‘The Talent Show’ same year.

Sofie’s family has played an important role in her success, they are supporting her since the beginning. Because of her busy schedule, she was unable to continue her study, so her mother taken the responsibility and Dossi home-schooled by her mother and it helped her to continue her travel and other work. We have seen her using different types of equipment during her show and it’s her father who makes most of the personalized equipment to make sure she performs well on stage. Her brother supported her throughout her journey, Zak used to record and edit her videos, now he is her co-star and co-produced her videos, her brother Zak has his own YouTube channel.

Sofie Dossi Instagram

Sofie Dossi
Image: Sofie Dossi Instagram

Dossi has collaborated with Logan Paul, in the video, they took laxatives and the challenge was the person lose the game who use the bathroom first, and it was Sofie who went to the washroom first and Logan won the challenge. In the video, they both did some Yoga steps where in some part Logan Paul was holding her and performing the act and in other parts of the video, she took his weight. At the beginning of the video, Logan kept a milk bottle on his head and Sofie shoots an arrow with the help of her legs and she was on target, which was really cool to see.

Sofie and her brother Zak keep pranking each other and capture those funny moments, in a prank video Zak mix laxatives to her refreshment drink and she pranked him with asking for toilet paper from the washroom and when Zak came to give her toilet paper she put chocolate on her hand a touched his hand to make him feel like he has poo on his hand.

She has collaborated with the photographer Jordan Matter for a 10 minutes photo challenge, where she met him on Venice Beach California, and they did Dossi’s photoshoot early in the morning before sunrise. The whole photoshoot was beautiful and Dossi poses in her trademark gymnastics style.

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The brother-sister duo keeps challenging each other to create videos, in one of her videos she transformed her brother into James Charles. She did his all makeup despite Zak kept refusing to do that and said that this is the most embarrassing thing he has done in his life, but in the end, the result was as expected.

Sofie and Zak made a video where they were trying to break the random Guinness Book World Records, In the first challenge, Zak ate 25 M&M candy blindfolded and said that he has broken 20 M&M in a one-minute record., while Dossi finished 7 in 10 seconds. The next record she tried to break was spoon balancing on the body, the record was 79, they got plastic spoons and tried to balance on her body, she did that with 80 spoon balance on her body. The video was fun and the next record they were trying to break was Most LeapFrog Jump in 30 seconds, the record was 32 in 30 seconds but the brother and sister duo could only do 21 in 30 seconds.

Sofie’s Picture

Sofie Dossi
Image: Sofie Dossi Instagram

The girl is so flexible that she cooks by her feet, in many of her cooking videos which she has posted on her YouTube, she can be seen using her feet to cook different type of foods. In one of her other videos, she spends 24 hours in a suitcase, which shows how flexible is her body.

The super friendly Dossi made a video where she was asking some questions to other YouTubers and making them feel uncomfortable, she asked questions to Montana Tucker, Matt Steffanina, and Rosanna Pansino.

Sofie Dossi has also appeared in music videos, one of the videos titled My Boy REMIX where she was along with Phillip Chbeeb. She was showing her flexible body moves in dance form in the whole music video.

Sofie Dossi Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Kids, Husband, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameSofie Dossi
Nick Name and her Stage NameSof
YouTube Channel NameSofie Dossi
Channel CategoryFitness, Health and Lifestyle
Date of Birth21/06/2001
Zodiac SignGemini
Height5 Feet 1 Inches
Weight (Approx)45 Kg
Birth PlaceCypress, California
ProfessionYouTuber, Contortionist, Hand Balancer and Aerialist Artist
Father’s NameHer Father’s name is Mike Dossi.
Mother’s NameHer Mother’s name is Abir Dossi.
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceCypress, California
Family MembersHer Father: Mike Dossi, Mother: Abir Dossi,
Brother: Zak Dossi
Net Worth (Approx)$2 Million
Social MediaFacebook: Sofie Dossi
Instagram: @sofiedossi
Twitter: @sofiedossi
Some Lesser-Known FactsShe was also nominated for Streamy Award in 2017 for her live-streaming shows.

Sports Illustrated magazine honored her with the title of the ‘Halftime performer of the year’.

Sofie has launched her own line of clothing

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