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Ryan Higa is a Japanese American YouTuber born on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii, USA. He started his YouTube channel on 21 Jul 2006 and has uploaded over 400 videos on the channel. Ryan has over 21.5 million subscribers on his channel and over 2.3 million followers on his Instagram. His channel was the first to reach 3 million on YouTube.

Apart from creating YouTube videos Higa loves writing and has worked in many movies like the 2009 release Ninja Melk, Agents of Secret Stuff, released in 2010, 2015 The Last Skitzo! and in 2016 he has also featured in Tell Me How I Die.

Filming and creating videos are not always fun, sometimes you may get a bad experience like Higa got when he was shooting for the Dear Ryan-Army of Lamps video, in the video, Higa was supposed to cut a watermelon with his sword. He could not anticipate, and the watermelon hit hard on his sword and that caused injury to his nose, he was taken to the hospital and got stitches on his nose and other medical emergency attention.

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Nice Guys’ is one of his most-watched videos, which got over 84 million views and over one million likes. The video was a music video and in that he played the character of a high school boy who tries to pick up a girl in the ultimate douches style and then turned into a good guy.

Higa has a huge young base of followers, his videos attract the youth and he loves to interact with his followers, he constantly tries to answer their questions. He always said that he loves his fans and always tries to answer their questions.

Higa used to upload lip-synch videos on his YouTube channel initially, which has been removed from the channel now because of the copyright music, after that he started creating his own music songs. Now he uploads his music videos and sketches on his channel and on his other channel named HigaTV, he has over 4.91 million subscribers on his second channel which was created on 17 Apr 2009.

Higa first featured film was Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure released in 2008, produced and directed by Richard Van Vleet. He also wrote a book called ‘Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good.’

Higa created his first YouTube video when he was in Waiakea High School, he has also competed in wrestling and Judo in high school. He created his YouTube channel in 2006 along with Tarynn Nago, Sean Fujiyoshi, and Tim Enos.

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Two of his most popular YouTube videos ‘How To Be Emo’ and ‘How To Be Gangster’ violated the copyright law of YouTube and got removed from the platform, this was not the first incident of copyright violation on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel ‘nigahiga’ was temporarily suspended on 21 January 2009 and he had to remove some more copyrights videos from his channel.

Because of the YouTube copyright violation issue all of his lip-syncing published videos on nigahiga got removed, he was able to swap audio from the ‘You’re Beautiful’ video and that video remains on his channel. Because of this copyright incident, he decided to compose his own music. He later uploaded a few of his updated videos on his channel for his fans.

Ryan moved to Las Vegas for his higher study in nuclear medicine at the prestigious University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since he moved to Las Vegas he started creating videos on his own for his YouTube channel ‘nigahiga’ and started collaborating with other YouTubers for video creation. He created his own production company with Sean Fujiyoshi and named it Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC), and they started creating content for the YouTube channel nigahiga. Higa along with his other YouTuber friends created ‘Boys Generally Asian’ in 2016, which was a K-pop group. Fujiyoshi left the group in the middle of 2018 and moved to Sacramento, California with his girlfriend and also to pursue an Engineering degree.

Ryan Higa Instagram

Ryan Higa
Image: Ryan Higa Instagram

Ryan recently made a video based on the coronavirus pandemic and how people in America think about Asians, Higa tried to give a message through the video that hating someone is not the solution to any problem, and they may not be responsible for that. He explained the whole situation in a funny way people are loving it.

He posted a video on his channel and informed his fans about the crisis in his life and why he took a break from YouTube. Higa said that he is single now and he is no more dating Arden Cho, his long-time girlfriend. Ryan explained that it was not a messy breakup or anything like that but now he is single.

His mother is very supportive of him, she has appeared in some of his videos. In one of his videos when she came on camera, she said that she doesn’t like to be in the videos because she thinks that she is not good-looking and her voice is not good. In one of his videos, Higa tricked his mother and asked her to say some words and later made a hip-hop funny video out of that, which was actually funny. She has also come on Ryan’s Mother’s Day special video, where she talked about Ryan’s childhood and her parenting experience. When Paco asked her does, she is like a manager to Higa, she said she doesn’t think that way. She thinks that she is helping him to make his work easier.

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His mother is a retired accountant and she is the one who helps him in his business. She said that they both have grown to lean together on the YouTube business because it was new for both of them. She said it was stressful for him to manage both, the school and YouTube, Higa said that he used to wait for his video shoot because he used to share a room and used to wait for his roommate to go out so that he can make videos. They both also discussed the earnings in the initial days, they said that Google AdSense was not as popular then it’s like today so there was no surety about the income from YouTube.

Ryan Higa Picture

Ryan Higa
Image: Ryan Higa Instagram

About Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, House.

Full NameRyan Higa
Nick Name and his Stage Name Nigahiga
YouTube Channel NameNigahiga
Channel CategoryComedy, Music
Date of Birth06/06/ 1990
Zodiac SignGemini
StudyWaiakea High School in 2008, University of Nevada, USA
Height5′ 6″ Feet
Weight (approx.)68 KG
Birth PlaceHilo, Hawaii, USA.
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor, Writer, Comedian, Singer
Father’s NameWendell Higa
Mother’s NameLuci Higa
Marital StatusSingle
Girlfriend/Affairs/Wife/BoyfriendHe was dating Arden Cho, he announced his breakup on his channel.
Current ResidenceLas Vegas Valley, United States of America
Family MembersFather: Wendell Higa, Mother: Luci Higa and Brother: Kyle Higa.
Net Worth (approx.)$10 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @notryanhiga
Twitter: @TheRealRyanHiga
Facebook: @higatv
Some Lesser-Known FactsRyan loves the anime series Naruto.

He has two dogs, Teddy and Marley.

Higa had suffered from ADHD when he was a kid.

He is a black belt in judo.

Ryan is a member of Yesterday, Today, Forever (YTF).

His YouTube channel name is ‘NigaHiga‘, where Niga. Stands for “rant” in Japanese and Higa is his last name.

He has also collaborated with Bethany Mota, Anna Akana, and others.

He has attended film school at the University of Nevada, USA.

Higa was dating Tarynn Nago till 2009, He has also dated Arden Cho.

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