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Ray William Johnson is an American YouTuber, Actor, Comedian, and Writer, he has over 9.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and Ray has uploaded over 880 videos on his YouTube channel. He started his YouTube journey on 26 May 2008, when he created his YouTube channel.

Johnson got fame with his video commentary series “Equals Three”, the series went viral and people started loving him for his work. Ray has also worked in “Riley Rewind” web series and gained lots of popularity through that, he had also collaborated with a YouTube channel called Your Favorite Martian, which has been retired now.

Ray was born and brought up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, he has spent his childhood with his brother. In 1999 he got graduated from Norman North High School and was a student at Columbia University and after completing his study from the university he had plans to go to law school but later he decided that he is going to continue working as a full-time YouTuber.

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Ray’s has also worked in Riley Rewind, which was his first scripted web series and got premiered in 2013 on Facebook, in the same year his television concept was purchased by FX. He has also worked in a live-action movie called Who’s Driving Doug with RJ Mitte, in association with indie road film.  

Ray William also owns a production company called Mom & Pop Empire, which is producing a documentary about the monopolies in the cable TV industry, co-producing with Supergravity Pictures.

He has suffered from Anxiety

He has suffered from General Anxiety disorder and created a video about that when his fans asked him, he said I have gone through that. In that video, he has explained what an Anxiety Disorder is and said it’s basically having excessive worry or stress that doesn’t really go away. In the video, he has given examples from the various movies and tried to explain Anxiety. Ray said Anxiety is a situation where a person just thinks about the future and gets worried about that but none of us know about the future, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Johnson further added, what helped him to get out of that, Ray said that he stopped thinking about the future, he always used to remind himself that it’s impossible to predict the future so no need to worry about tomorrow. He also cut out coffee from his diet and started working out to control his Anxiety. Ray said there is nothing wrong if you have Anxiety but you should learn how to deal with it.

Ray William Johnson Instagram

Ray William Johnson
Image: Ray William Johnson Instagram

His thoughts on self-motivation

Ray William has described how to be self-motivated in one of his videos, according to him Self-Motivation is the internal force that drives you to do things. He believes that if you have an internal locus of control, which is a belief that one can control one’s own life are more self-motivated people comparing to those who think that their life is controlled by outside factors.

Ray also shared research that shows that if someone has a higher internal locus of control, they are more self-motivated. They intend to work harder and push themselves more because they think their work will have more impact on the outcome, so if you want to be self-motivated, you will have to believe that you are responsible for your success.

Johnson’s idea to be more productive

He wakes up early: He thinks that if you want more accomplish your day, try waking up early because there is less distraction in the morning and that’s why it’s more productive.

To-Do List: Ray explained why you should have a to-do list to be more productive and try to cross them often. He gave a research example, which says if someone checks the to-do list it creates a little amount of dopamine in your brain, which gives a feeling of accomplishment and there is science behind that, he further added.

Minute Rule: Ray follows the two-minute rules, which says if you can do in two minutes, do it now. He said that he follows this rule every day and it’s very effective for him.

No More Zero Days: The no more zero days rule says that you have to do something towards your goal every single day, even if it’s something small. According to him it doesn’t matter how small you do it just cannot be zero and it will slowly help you to build a habit.

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Ray’s 4 ways to improve confidence

Know that you are close: He believes that your confidence should be under your control, there is no one who can tell you what to do. If you decide that you are confident, you will be confident, you are 100% in charge of your confidence.

Adopt a code: Ray said that you can be more confident by adopting a strong moral code. It means you should always try to do right things even if no one is looking, if you do this it will become a constant reminder that you are a good person who has a reason to be confident.

People envy you: No matter what terrible things you have done and how unworthy you think you are but every day you cross path with people who think you lived an ideal life and they want what you have.

Radical self-acceptance: Ray said that everyone should learn the fact, who they are, which doesn’t mean that you cannot improve or change. The first thing is when you see it in the mirror you should feel that you own it, even you feel bad about that.

Be afraid to fail

Answering a fan’s question, are you afraid of failure, Ray said that yes, I am afraid of failure and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes in life, you will fail and that’s okay, it’s important to fail so that you know how to fail and take care of the future. He thinks the person who cares about your failure is you.

Ray William Johnson and Kelly Farrell

Ray William Johnson
Image: Ray William Johnson Instagram

Ray William 10 steps to a better relationship

In a video, Ray talked about what he thinks about a better relationship and shared his thought with his girlfriend Kelly Farrell.

Your partner can’t complete you: Don’t look for a partner to complete you, be in a relationship with someone who values you. There are problems in a relationship, and you have to work independently on them to solve them.

Have healthy boundaries: You should always respect your partner’s personal space and their choices, which is a sign of respect. It means you both need not see the things in same ways. Don’t try to change your partner, because they will remain who they are, don’t try to bring them to your side.

Show gratitude: People love to get appreciated and they want to know that you are noticing what they are doing for them and it’s going to make them happy. Even if you are saying that every time say it again because every day is a new day. He feels you should let your partner know if they are doing something awesome.

Resist calling. Your partner “Wrong”: It’s very important Just be forgiving to them as you would want to be forgiving to yourself.

You are on the same team: Don’t compare and compete with your partner, it’s their choices so be happy with them and celebrate their accomplishment and acknowledge them. Kelly said be that person your partner wants to share everything with because they know that you will understand.

Compromise and be considerate: You should compromise in a relationship to make that person feel good not because you feel you need to, and you will also feel good about it.

Have spoken agreements: According to them, you should never have an unspoken expectation, so communicate when it’s really important to you because your partner is not a mind reader.

Don’t blame your partner for your feelings: You should not blame your partner for your problems, instead let them know what you are going through.

Listen to their perspective: Even if it is not important for you, it may be for your partner so listen to them when they want, it’s not just about listening to them or act like that it’s about understanding their full perspective to the best of your ability.

Relationships are for learning: Relationship is all about learning, if you learn a lot about your relationship it means it’s a successful relationship because they prepare you for the next. If you both start learning about each other you both are going to grow together.

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About Ray William Johnson– Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameRay William Johnson
Nick Name and his Stage Name Ray
YouTube Channel NameRay William Johnson
Channel CategoryComedy
Date of Birth14/08/ 1981
Zodiac SignLeo
StudyNorman North High School and Columbia University
Height5′ 6″ Feet
Weight (approx.)72 KG
Birth PlaceOklahoma City, Oklahoma
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor, Writer, Comedian
Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameUnknown
Marital StatusSingle
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifeKelly Farrell
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Family MembersUnknown
Net Worth (approx.)$10 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @raywilliamjohnson
Twitter: @RayWJ
Snapchat: @raywilliamjohnson
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe began his online career at Columbia University while
studying at Columbia, Ray started working on “Equals Three”

He started dating Kelly Farrell in 2016, she has helped him to
redesign his house full of toys, Ray loves toys and has a cat at home.

He has invited many celebrity guests on his YouTube channel,
including Sarah Silverman.

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