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Pooja Luthra is one of the renowned faces on YouTube amongst people who love to watch beauty tips and has wished to look better. Luthra uploaded a beauty tips video on her YouTube channel for all age groups, she has over 7.22 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has uploaded over 4643 beauty tips and Home remedies videos on her channel, and she has over 13k followers on her Instagram.

If you are looking for some skincare tips, or maybe looking for hair care tips and have a desire to look beautiful and looking for Makeup tips videos, you will get all such tips videos on Pooja Luthra’s YouTube channel, and no doubt that’s why she is one of the most subscribed Beauty tips YouTuber.

Pooja Luthra Beauty Tips Latest Video

You should watch Pooja Luthra’s beauty tips latest video on her YouTube channel, she uploads various kinds of home remedies, which can help you to look better and feel fit and fine. Pooja has uploaded some unique beauty tips videos, like how to do face yoga videos which were highly watched by her fans who all are looking for such videos.

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Pooja Luthra Beauty’s Tips are really easy to follow and if you don’t have much time or want to use home remedies in your busy schedule, you should watch her beauty tips latest videos. The best part of her beauty videos is their ingredients availabilities in our home, Pooja uses most of the beauty ingredients which are commonly available in every household.

The Indian beauty guru, Pooja Luthra has created a number of weight loss tips videos and it has helped a large number of people who were tired of their fat and wanted to lose some fat to be fit, you can go through the comments where you will find the positive comments of her followers. 

Pooja Luthra On Anti-Aging Cream, Anti-Ageing Serum, And Available Options In India

There are many best anti ageing serums in India, which are either ayurvedic or herbal, Pooja has made a series of videos where she has explained the best way to use anti ageing serum or the available products in India. In the series, Pooja Luthra has provided details about various products and their effects on our skin.

The Indian YouTuber has also self-explanatory videos about Anti-Aging Cream And Anti-Ageing Serum and other options available in India, Luthra has provided many options to those people who want to create their own Anti-Ageing Serum and Anti-Aging Cream at home.

Pooja Luthra Instagram

Pooja Luthra
Image: Pooja Luthra Instagram

Luthra’s videos are more relevant to the Indian audience because she speaks in Hindi but even if you are not a Hindi speaker you can figure out the names of all the ingredients as she always mentioned the name of those with the anti ageing serum products.

Most of her anti ageing serum ingredients are easily available in Indian markets and thus it is very easy to make your own anti ageing serum if you are in India or you may check your market in your respective country.

She has also explained why these ingredients are important and how they help to tighten your skin and provide a glow on your face skin.

Best Anti Aging Serum For the 30s, 40s, And 50s In India

According to Pooja, there are various cheap and best Anti Aging Serum for the 30s, 40s, and 50s products available in India but you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on them, you just need some basic and easily available products to make your own Anti Aging Serum at your home.

Pooja has provided information about the skin types in different age groups if you are in your 30s, you may not take care of your skin, and later in your 40s and 50s, you will feel dull skin, and that is the time when most of us need such anti aging serums in India.

We have different weather conditions in India and that’s why our skin type is also different than others and thus we should use different types of anti aging serums, you can make it at your home or else there is the best anti aging serum available in the Indian market for all age group, e.g. 30s, 40s, or even for people in 50s age group.

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Pooja Luthra How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally And What Causes Belly Fat In Females

Pooja has made many videos on how to lose belly fat naturally and all of her videos are highly loved by her followers, and amongst all those who are willing to lose fat. Luthra has also explained what causes belly fat in females and how to avoid getting belly fat and how to get rid of belly fat.

It’s a very common question asked by females, How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally and what are the main causes of belly fat in females? She has explained the most difficult question asked to her and also made a video series on the same topic to help her fans and followers.

Pooja Luthra On How To Reduce Belly Fat In 7 Days Or In 2 Weeks

Pooja Luthra has a deep sense of the common problems of people around and she tries her level best to provide them with her beauty and health tips. She has made and uploaded some videos on her YouTube channel on how to reduce belly fat on certain days, like 7 days, 11 days, or 2 weeks with her tips on how to make it possible.

Pooja Luthra Face Exercise

Luthra has shared some tips on how to do face exercise and the benefits of doing face exercise, how it helps to get glowing and tight skin, The video was liked by her followers on her YouTube channel, apart from such videos Pooja also shares the best diet plans to keep your body and skin healthy.

About Pooja Luthra Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Affairs, Husband, Father, Mother, Brother, Kids, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, Bikes, House.

Full NamePooja Luthra
Nick Name and her Stage NamePooja
YouTube Channel NamePooja Luthra
Channel CategoryHealth, Fitness
Date of Birth14/08/1979
Zodiac SignDetails not available
StudyDetails not available
Height5’ 4’’ Feet
Weight (approx.)55 Kg
Birth PlaceDetails not available
Father’s NameHer father’s name is not available
Mother’s NameHer mother’s name is not available
Marital StatusMarried
Current ResidenceDetails not available
Boyfriend/Affairs/HusbandDetails not available
Family MembersDetails not available
Net Worth (approx.)Details not available
Social MediaFacebook: @Pooja148luthra
Twitter: @poojalu77422796
Instagram: Pooja Luthra
Some Lesser-Known FactsShe provides homemade remedies,
which she also uses on herself.

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