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Pandora Kaaki, her real name is Mar-Anne Almosa and she is one of the very popular YouTubers and internet personalities from the Philippines, she started her YouTube channel on 23 Sept 2019. She has over 920K subscribers on her channel to date and has uploaded just over 46 videos on her channel. Kaaki shares her travel, fashion, and lifestyle videos on her channel.  She has created her YouTube channel so that she can share her life experience with her fans.

In a question asked by her fan about what kind of beauty product she uses, the beautiful Pandora said that she uses olive oil for her body and doesn’t like any other beauty and makeup cosmetic products, olive oil keeps her skin natural and smooth.

Pandora’s mother is a Filipino national and her father is from Lebanon, she was born and brought up in the Philippines and never went to Lebanon. She takes pride in being a Filipino and loves to stay in the Philippines.

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There are lots of fake accounts made on social media in her name, she said that she doesn’t have any other premium account and also requested her fans not to follow all other fake accounts which have been created to cheat people.

She loves 90s music and loves to dance to any such music, answering a question about 90s music she said I love 90s music and would love to dance to such music and also said that she will create a video of that for her fans.

Pandora loves to watch animated movies and one of her favorite movies from Disney is Tangled. She said that she is watching this movie for a very long time and has watched it over 30 times to date, which shows her love for movies. She said that she loved the songs of the movie and it’s one of the reasons she loves to watch Disney’s Tangled.

There are lots of struggle that comes with success and Pandora is not untouched with all that, she believes that the best way to get out of your struggle is to not think about it and think about the positive events of your life, be with the people who make you feel alive and there are so many beautiful things in the world to think about, so once should stop thinking about struggle of their life. Pandora was so kind and prayed for all those who are struggling in their life.

Pandora Kaaki Instagram

Image: Pandora Kaaki Instagram
Image: Pandora Kaaki Instagram

Pandora loves to travel and the first country she traveled to is Thailand, she is in love with Thailand. She was in Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok, she has been to Thailand more than 7-8 times and fallen in love with the Thai food and the beautiful places around. Thai people attract her a lot and she wishes to go there again whenever time permits.

She is very close to her family and feels that they are the best people in her life, they understand her more than anyone else and she can be with them in any part of her life to share her feelings and situation of life.

Pandora loves to interact with her fans and always posts a question-and-answer session on her YouTube channel. In one of her videos, she was taking fan’s questions while eating plates of seafood and she was not afraid to take some witty questions on Instagram asked by her fans.

There are many talks about any surgery on her body, Pandora said that she never had any surgery on her body, she like a slim face but doesn’t have any plans to go for surgery and she is very happy with her face and parts.

In a recent upload, she mentioned that she has gone through surgery but it was not clear what kind of surgery it was. It was a video about her daily life and she was in the capital city of Manila, she has shown how she spent her day in Manila doing shopping and her daily routine.

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English is not the first language in the country but like many other Filipino she has learned English by watching Hollywood movies, Pandora said that sometimes she watches four to five movies in a day and it really helped her to improve her English which also helps her to communicate with foreigners.

Siargao is Pandora’s favorite destination in The Philippines and in most of her videos, she talks about the beauty of the place and always recommends Siargao to her viewers. She has also uploaded her trip to Siargao to her YouTube channel where she was enjoying the beautiful beaches with her two other friends. In the video, you can see the different islands and how to travel there, which is really nice for first-time visitors.  

Like every other girl Pandora loves shopping and her passion for shopping can be seen in her videos, she has shared a few videos where she was trying different dresses and bikinis and those videos got over 1 million videos.

Pandora Kaaki’s growing popularity can be seen on her YouTube channel, she uploads just one or two videos on her YouTube channel and gets tons of views on each video. Some top brands do approach her to promote their products, she has uploaded a few videos where she has endorsed some bikinis from different brands and her bold and beautiful appearance can’t be ignored.

Pandora Kaaki Social Media

Image: Pandora Kaaki Instagram

Fans often get attracted by her hot bold look, and pictures she shares on her social media account but many don’t know that Pandora Kaaki is a talented artist, in her free time she loves to create artwork which she keeps sharing on her Instagram page. The talent of the gorgeous beauty often gets hidden behind her bold and hot look, but this is what we call the brain behind the beauty.

Pandora loves and appreciates girls and she feels it’s motivated her, she said once she looks at girls’ pictures she feels motivated and she always admires them. She follows mostly girls on her Instagram and this is one of the reasons many people ask her if she likes girls more than boys. Kaaki said she is a straight and very outgoing girl.

Pandora Kaaki wanted to be an Architect but because of her financial situation, she could not go to college and started doing modeling. She is the only one in the family who supports her parents, especially her mother.

About Pandora Kaaki Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Affairs, Husband, Father, Mother, Kids, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, House, Videos.

Full NameMar-Anne Almosa
Nick Name and her Stage NamePandora Kaaki
YouTube Channel NamePandora Kaaki
Channel CategoryTravel, Lifestyle
Date of Birth29/07/1998
Zodiac SignLeo
StudyGraduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific
Height4’ 11’’ Feet
Weight (approx.)44 Kg
Birth PlacePhilippines
ProfessionYouTuber, Model
Father’s NameHer father’s name is not available
Mother’s NameHer mother’s name is not available
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceManila, Philippines
Boyfriend/Affairs/HusbandHer Boyfriends name is not available
Family MembersParents, details not available
Net Worth (approx.)$ 1 Million
Social MediaFacebook: @Mar-anne Almosa
Instagram: @pandorakaaki
Some Lesser-Known FactsTalking about her love life, she said she doesn’t take initiative
to talk with any boy even if she knows him or doesn’t, she feels
that the guy should talk to her first and start the conversation.

Her favorite beach is Siargao

Keanu Reeves her favorite actor
She loves Durian

Pandora loves Dogs over the cat

She loves spicy Samyang

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