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Niana Guerrero is one of the most popular YouTubers from the Philippines, she started her YouTube channel in the year 2013 and with over 14.5 Million subscribers she has uploaded over 374 videos. Guerrero was born on January 27th, 2006 to Nino Guerrero and Elcid Evidente Guerrero in the Philippines. Let’s have a look at her career and biography.

She is very active on social media and you can find her updated on her social media profiles, Niana has over 13.9 million followers on her Instagram and over 23 million followers on her Facebook. Niana always uploads her short videos on social media where most of the time you will find her with her brother and her younger sister.

Since her childhood, she is enjoying making dance videos and uploading them on YouTube. She mostly creates dance videos and some challenges and prank videos with her brother Ranz Kyle and other siblings. She is very close to her mother and her father is also supportive of her work while she is still doing her schooling.

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Niana is not just about dance and songs, she has many other talents and plays Drums and Piano along with a few other musical instruments really well. Her family is also aware of her passion and that’s why she has got a lot of musical instruments as a gift from her family. She has recently started learning DJ from her father as her father Nino Guerrero is also a DJ and he is also very supportive to her and teaching the skills to his daughter, hope we’ll get some video of her new skill very soon on her YouTube channel.

Awards & Achievements

This brother-sister duo creates dance videos, carpooling videos, and challenges that entertain her followers. She also goes live on happy Nana’s Thursday where she connects with her followers through YouTube Live and collabs with her siblings which we will take in her Biography.

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Niana Guerrero has won many awards and recognition in various awards functions, she has won the Favourite Pinoy Internet Star award in 2019 in the Kids Choice Awards Shows. She has also won in CICP Spotlight Awards and Niana won the Entertainment Champion and TikTok Superstar. The young Filipino YouTuber has also participated in the dance battle Zombies 2 in Disney X Dance on.

Niana Guerrero Age

Ms. Niana Guerrero was born in the year 2006, and at this age, she has achieved more than what we even dream to get in our life. Her popularity on YouTube can be seen growing with each of the videos she uploaded on her YouTube channel. Guerrero’s average views on each of the videos are over one million and her followers really admire her work, which we can see in the comment box of each video specially on her birthday video where her followers show their love for the young YouTuber.

Niana Guerrero Instagram

Niana Guerrero
Image: Niana Guerrero

Niana Guerrero Dance Videos

We can not complete her biography without talking about her dance skills. Her dance videos are viral on various social media platforms, we have seen her matching dance steps with her brother Ranz Kyle. She has performed in many YouTube fanfests with Kyle, and now her dance videos with her little sister Natalia are getting popular on YouTube and her fans are really enjoying the trio’s dance performance.

She has uploaded lots of YouTube shorts where she was seen with her brother and sister dancing to random popular songs. In a few of Niana videos, we have seen her dancing in some marketplace or malls to some particular number played by her brother, and by this, we can see the kind of passion she has for dance.

Niana is really a hard-working girl, she puts lots of effort into her work and we can see the hard work in her each performance. She shares the preparations videos and always tells why it’s special for her, Niana’s passion for her work never goes down and her brother and little sister help her to keep the energy always up.

Image: Elcid Guerrero Instagram

Niana Guerrero Family Videos

The Filipino YouTuber is very close to her family and her family is also very supportive of her, which we can see in her videos. Niana has uploaded a number of videos where she can be seen with her family, sometimes doing pranks with them and sometimes just spending good times with her family.

Niana has recently uploaded a video where the whole family was celebrating her father Nino Guerrero’s birthday, and the video was really loved by her followers. In that video, the sister and brother planned a special breakfast for their father and you might have seen in her video the celebration doesn’t stop by just cutting a cake, they planned a whole day celebration by converting their basement into a man cave.

We can see many such videos on her YouTube channel, where the Guerrero family gather together and celebrate a specific occasion in their own way, the videos are not just about celebrations but also full of fun and entertainment and are highly praised by her fans.

Family & Personal Life Biography

Niana Guerrero’s father’s name is Nino Guerrero and her mother’s name is Elcid Evidente Guerrero and they both are very supportive of their daughter and her work. She has born and brought up in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Guerrero has four siblings, three sisters Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongsee, Niña Stephanie Guerrero, Natalia Emanuelle Evidente Guerrero, and a brother Ranz Kyle.

Niana Guerrero
Image: Niana Guerrero Instagram

Niana Guerrero’s Boyfriend & Relationships

Niana Guerrero, who is just around 14 years old is single and she doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. She is currently doing her study and has all her focus on her work. If she will disclose her personal life or about her boyfriend we’ll upload it to her biography page.

Niana Physical Appearance

The young YouTuber is 5.1″ in height and around 36kg of weight, Niana is a young charming social media star. Guerrero has a slim body and a cute smile, which makes her one of the most popular YouTubers.

Career and Biography

Niana Guerrero Started her career with her brother Ranz Kyle, who was also active on social media. Ranz and Niana started making dance videos together and they used to upload them on Facebook. Now both Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle are well-known faces on social media and have a big fan following.

Niana Guerrero’s Net Worth

Niana Guerrero has various sources of income, YouTube advertising and product promotions are a few of them. She had done a few advertisements also along with some stage performances. Her net worth is around $3 million as per the information available on the internet, she has never disclosed her income in public. Let’s have a look at her biography and other details.

Niana Guerrero YouTube Videos

The YouTuber, Niana has collaborated with many other YouTubers and one of them is Zeinab Harake. She has shared a prank video, where Guerrero has pranked Zeinab. In the video, she did a prank where she was hiding with all others in a room, which did not even look like a room. So basically it was a hide and seek prank on Harake and they all did it well. They made a few teams and also she inform Zeinab team members about the prank.

The place she chooses to prank was a themed house and was looking very interesting. When Zeinab’s turn came to seek they all got hid in a room and Harake was not able to find them for over 35 minutes. The prank went well and everyone was laughing at the end when they informed her about the prank.

Niana makes videos with his brother and sisters and in one such video, the brother and sister duo tried some drinks from viral Tik Tok videos. The family chef helped them to make the drinks from various Tik Tok videos. She made the first drink called “Ariana Grande Frappe” and they rated 9 out of 10 to the drink. Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino was their second drink and the duo rated 6 out of 10 on this drink, they said we did not like the drink much but few people may like this drink.

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The third drink they tried was Caramel Frappuccino, Ranz rated the drink 7 and Niana rated 10, they loved the drink. Ice White Mocca, was the next drink they tried, and the last was Pink Star Burst. Once they completed their review, they asked their family member to taste the drinks and the reaction of their family members was fun to watch.

The Filippino YouTuber is not just famous for her content but also for her kindness. Niana Guerrero has shared a video where she requested random people for a selfie and told them they are her favorite creators. The concept was basically when she goes out people ask her for selfies but this time she wanted selfies from random people. She went to a mall and giveaway some smartphones to the random people who she felt, they deserve the phones.

After that, she went out and asked a few questions to the random people about her and also gave them smartphones. The small step from the YouTuber gave smile to many people and that’s what makes her different than others.

She has also shared her farm trip experience with her fans where she tried to be a farmer at her own farm. In The video, Niana started with her hand on fishing nets and tried to catch some fish. Niana was getting help from her uncle and the support staff to do all the farming activities.

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The YouTuber, Niana tried a few other farming activities and shared her experience with her audience. She has shared a similar video of her farm in the past also and it’s really nice to see the young Niana Guerrero learning and interested in the farming lifestyle. She went there with her father and was doing all the work under her uncle’s supervision.

Niana Guerrero did a collaboration with SB19

Niana Guerrero did a collaboration with SB19, they did a Crosswalk Concert on the road of Manila. She shared a video where the YouTuber talked about her experience and how she did the rehearsal for the show. The young Filipino social media star said that she was nervous before the performance even after she has taught by the group SB19.

They reached the destination and performed as planned, she was even asking her father and brother if they have any suggestions for her to perform. The group finally performed and it was well appreciated by the people across the road.

Niana’s sister Seah has her own coffee bar and the YouTuber planned to prank her in her coffee cafe. So she decided to be a barista for a day and went to her cafe. She asked a few of the cafe members to be with her and then one of her friends made a complaint about the service at the cafe. Their conversation was getting worst and her sister was getting mad because of all happing. After all, when they came to know about the prank, Seah was relaxed and laughing. The YouTuber has made many such videos where she has pranked her family members.

Niana and her brother often share some activity challenge videos on their YouTube channel and those videos are very engaging and fun to watch. The Filipino YouTuber has shared a video where she had challenge her brother Ranz Kyle in a “Try Not To Get Stained Challenge”. In this challenge, they wore a white dress and ate some food and the challenge was not to make the white dress dirty.

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The first food they ate was spaghetti and it was really cool to see how they tried their level best to avoid stains. After that, they ate a few other dishes like chicken wings with a blindfold on their eyes. The conversation between them made the video funnier. Later they tried to balance a liquid chocolate glass on their head and walked around in their garden. In another challenge, they ran while drinking a soft drink. It was a typical Niana and Ranz vlog and you will never get bored in the video like their other videos.

Niana and her family are a well-known family in the city and because of that they do not often go out in public but when she goes out let’s find out what she does. The YouTuber has shared a video where she along with her family went shopping and tried to check out their bargaining ability. In the video, they have a budget of 5k each and tried to shop as much as possible and also bargain with the shopkeepers.

You can see how funny it was when they bargain and the conversation with the shopkeepers. Being young kids going out in the shopping district and making such videos are really very difficult and that’s why they had security guards with them. In the middle of the video, you will find Ranz requesting the security guard to buy something for him which shows the respect these young kids have for others.

Donation Work

The young YouTuber is always set the expectations high when it comes to helping others and participating in social causes. There are many occasions we have seen Niana Guerrero and her family helping people and sometimes they do share their work on social media. Niana’s social work also inspires many other young kids to contribute to social causes and help others.

She has shared a video where she was live selling her old clothes and in this, her brother Ranz was also contributing. They were collecting funds for typhoon-affected areas of The Philippines, Ranz mentioned this and helped in the process along with her other sister Seah. Ranz and Niana called the professionals of Live Selling to help them in the selling process.

About Niana Guerrero Biography, Age, Boyfriend, affairs, Husband, Mother, Father, School, College, University, Photo, Height, Weight, Birthday, Net Worth, Home, Car, Dance.

Full NameNiana Jose Evidente Guerrero
Nick Name and her Stage Name Niana
YouTube Channel NameNiana Guerrero
Channel CategoryMusic, Dance, Pranks, Challenges
Date of Birth27/01/2006
Zodiac SignAquarius
StudySchooling, there is no information available about
Niana Guerrero school or college
Height5.1 Feet
Weight36 kg
Birth PlaceManila, Philippines
ProfessionYouTuber, Content Creator
Father’s NameHer father’s name is Nino Guerrero
Mother’s NameNiana mother’s name is Elcid Evidente Guerrero
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceCommonwealth, Quezon City
Niana Boyfriend/Affairs/HusbandShe doesn’t have a boyfriend.
Family MembersFather: Nino Guerrero
Mother : Elcid Evidente Guerrero
Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongsee (Seah),
Niña Stephanie Guerrero, Natalia Emanuelle Evidente Guerrero.
Brother: Ranz Kyle
Net Worth (approx.)There is not a clear picture of her net worth but it should be
around $3 million.
Social MediaInstagram: @nianaguerrero
Facebook: Niana Guerrero
Twitter: @nianaguerrero
Tik Tok: @nianaguerrero
Some Lesser Known Facts
and Information
Niana first video was a challenge video where
Ranz challenged her on Despacito’s song.

She has appeared in Finding Marleen in 2007 and
in 2010 she was in promises.

She had received many recognizations while performing
in various countries with her brother and sister Natalia.

Niana has also participated in the dance battle
Zombies 2 in Disney X Dance on.

She was also in Milo add with her brother Ranz Kyle.

She gets scared of Ghost and Darkness and she doesn’t
like spicy food.

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