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Mike Chang is a health and fitness trainer, born in Taiwan and grew up in Texas, US. Chang used to be a normal guy with not a physically fit body and always wanted to be fit. His hard work and passion for physical fitness helped him to transform his body and he became one of the most popular fitness YouTubers. Let’s try to know more about his fitness journey in this biography.

Chang’s YouTube journey started in 2009 when he created one of the most subscribed YouTube channels “Sixpackshortcuts”. He was the creator, Co-Founder, and CEO of the YouTube channel, which was mainly focused on different types of physical fitness. The Sixpackshortcuts YouTube channel was very popular and that gave a new identity to Mike Chang and he became a very known face among fitness enthusiasts. Now the YouTube channel “Sixpackshortcuts” is known as SixPackAbs.com and still has 4.65 million subscribers.

The Taiwan-born fitness workouts trainer has shared a video about the reason behind why he left Sixpackshortcuts. He said it was like everything for him but he had to take a decision on the path to be happy. Chang has shared his full thoughts and explained each and everything he had in his mind while he was making this decision.

Many other thinks that the channel Sixpackshortcuts (SixPackAbs.com) was a scam and YouTube had banned this channel. But Chang never talked about this and started his own YouTube channel. We are not sure about this information but we can see a decline in the viewership of this channel which used to be very popular a few years ago.

Mike Chang Instagram

Mike Chang
Image: Mike Chang Instagram

Mike Chang’s Family

Mike has his parents and a sister in his family. He said that he was not very close to his father because he used to travel a lot for his work. Chang is very close to his mother and sister because he used to spend more time with them. He had a lack of confidence, a lack of self-belief because his father used to be away.

The fitness guru has explained how to deal with it and also mentioned, that it was a reason behind he started fitness training. Chang said it was a big driver and that’s why he started body fitness training. He also said about how it helped him to gain his confidence and feel strong.

Mike is married to Natalia Zinsli and they both have a son, his name is Raiza. The family is very close and they often share their stories on social media. You can find the fitness trainer Mike and his family’s lifestyle on their social media. The couple loves traveling and enjoys different types of Cuisines which they always click and share with their fans.

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Mike Chang’s Journey to Health and Fitness

Mike Chang has over 20 years of experience in health and fitness and he is now one of the most successful fitness trainers. His journey started with his own transformation when he decided to build a healthy body. Chang used to be very obsessed with his body and always wanted to look and feel good.  

After a little success, Mike started creating fitness workout videos and founded a company. The purpose of his company was to make people educated about health and fitness,  different types of physical fitness, and how to be healthy. After a few years, he left the company and started his own YouTube channel under his own name. His channel’s main purpose was to make and educate people about physical fitness’s importance in their life.

Chang invented a different types of physical fitness training and called it created it Flow Training. The main function of the Flow Training was to increase the flow of energy in our body. It also helps to remove the blockages which generally caused by fear, stress, and also emotional traumas. The training helps the human body to calm down and get relaxed, which helps to improve our health.

Mike Chang
Image: Mike Chang Instagram

Mike Chang’s body fitness Videos

Mike has created many videos which help to understand more about our body fitness. Chang’s videos are a combination of hardcore fitness workouts and meditation which makes them different than the traditional way of body fitness workouts.

The fitness YouTuber has shared some of the fitness videos where he has not used any audio. The reason is very simple, he creates video in such a manner that it’s easy to understand and follow. Mike uses the simplest way to make his audience understand his message through his videos.

Chang’s Body Fitness Tips

Mike has a deep sense of how our body works and he helps us to maintain our body fitness with his useful tips. He has shared his thoughts about neck pain and how it can be dangerous to our health. How our mind can help us to get rid of many problems, Chang believes that our mind is programmed in such a way and how to control it and he calls it programmed like the Matrix movie.

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Different Types of Physical Fitness

Mike has a piece of deep knowledge of various types of physical fitness and he started his career with such fitness training. So, if you are more into hardcore fitness training and love your gym you should watch his videos. He has a lot for you and with each one of his tips, Mike explains the reason behind it.

If you are not flexible and don’t like to hit the gym, Chang’s body fitness videos are definitely going to help you. Mike has a passion for meditation and for those who are not capable of the gym can take benefit from those videos. He even helps his followers to maintain a good diet and explains when and what to eat to keep in line to get the maximum.

About Mike Chang Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs, Kids, Son, Friends, Brother, Sister, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, Bike, House, Flow Training.

Full NameMike Chang
Nick Name and his Stage Name Mike
YouTube Channel NameMike Chang
Channel CategoryFitness
Date of Birth30/11/ 1982
Zodiac SignSagittarius
StudyMike did his schooling at William McKinley High School
and graduated from Oregon State University
Height5′ 8″ Feet
Weight (approx.)75 KG
Birth PlaceTaipei, Taiwan
ProfessionFitness Coach, YouTuber, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer,
Fictional Character of Fox Musical Comedy-Drama Series
Father’s NameHis Father’s Name is not available
Mother’s NameHis Mother’s Name is not available
Marital StatusMarried to Natalia Zinsli
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifeWife: Natalia Zinsli
Current ResidenceHouston, Texas.
Family MembersParents, Sister: Annie Chang, Wife: Natalia Zinsli, and Son: Raiza
Net Worth (approx.)$2 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @mikechangofficial
Twitter: NA
Facebook: NA
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe has created Flow Training, which helps to strengthen the human body.

Chang was the founder of Sixpackshortcuts, one of the most
subscribed fitness YouTube channels.

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