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Mark Wiens is one of the most popular American food blogger/vloggers, born in Phoenix, Arizona and now based in Bangkok, Thailand. His mother is Chinese American born in Hawaii, his grandfather was a Chinese chef and that’s where he got the love for Asian food. Wiens is a well-known travel food vlogger on YouTube and people are crazy for his food vlogging style.

Mark’s parents are Christian Missionary and they moved to France, when Mark Wiens was only five years old. He attended first year of his school in France and he feels, it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t speak French. After France, his family moved to Democratic Republic of the Congo and they were there for over three years.

Wiens learned how to survive in forest in Congo, he used to eat forest creatures, like flying termites, grubs and birds. But it was the time when war started in the region and Mark Wiens’s family moved to Nairobi Kenya. He attended eight years of his schooling in Nairobi. For rest of his study, Mark went back to United States and did his graduation from Arizona State University.

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During his four years in Arizona State University, he used to work full time and sell things on eBay. After his study, he went to South America for six month and then he came to Bangkok and travelled around South East Asia for around six months. Mark Wiens was low on budget so he decided to go Bangkok and started teaching English. Wiens worked as an English teacher for around four years, but he was not comfortable with the job.

During this period Mark started vlogging and worked hard for it, he did some freelance work and online work along with Vlogging. Mark met Ying in Bangkok, she was a local Thai girl and letter they got married in 2013. Now Ying helps Mark to record his videos and also takes care of their son Micah Wiens. Wiens’s family is now settled in Bangkok, Thailand but he keep travelling in search of good food.

Mark Wiens, Food Vlogging Videos on YouTube

Mark Wiens is one of the leading food vlogger and also know for his unique style of food vlogging. Wiens has over 9.85 millions subscribers on his YouTube channel and he has uploaded over 1.3K videos on his channel. The food and travel vlogger has over 1.7 million followers on his Instagram “migrationology”.

Mark has visited many countries, just to experience their food culture and has shared the videos. Wiens was in London and visited the Borough Market in the city and had Cheese and olive stick and also Pastel de Nata. The best part about his food vlogging is the way he explains about the food and also the price.

If you are a food enthusiast and want to know about the food cultures of various countries, you can always get the information from Mark’s videos. Wiens explains about the food in very easy way, so that you can understand all about the society and its food habits. His simplicity and genuine remarks about the foods will make you to respect this man.

Mark Wiens Family

Food Vlogging Mark Wiens
Image: Mark Wiens Instagram

Mark Wiens has visited Ethiopia and shared his experience about the Ethiopian foods. He tried their local food in Addis Ababa. The food blogger ate the Meat Platter in a local restaurant and was amaze with the tasty meal. Wiens also explains the gradients and how its effecting the taste of the food.

It’s not always about eating, when it comes to Mark Wiens but also some drinking. Mark was in Addis Ababa and visited a small local coffee café, the food vlogger has share the process of making coffee and how it taste. The best part about him is the way he makes everyone comfortable while getting the information.

Mark also shows his journey to get the best food, and in Ethiopia he visited a remote place called Lalibela. On his way he has also shared Monolithic Churches, an incredible rock churches in the city. Wiens shows the ancient churches and it looks really incredible and and must visit, if you are around the place.

Mark Wiens Asia’s Food Vlogging Tour

The YouTuber loves Asian food and travelled all around Asia to experience the best food from the different countries. Mark has been to Singapore, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and India. Wiens has showcases the multicultural cuisines of these countries through his food vlogging.

Wiens was in Malaysia and visited Penang and there he tried one of the most popular foods in the city called Wantan Mee. Most of the time Mark Wiens eats at the local small shops, he feel that these are the places where you get the authentic traditional foods. He also travelled around the beautiful Penang and shared what all you can expect from the city.

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The over 50 years old Tek Sen restaurant serves traditional Chinese food in Penang and Mark went there to taste the authentic Chinese. Wiens tried Double roasted pork with chilli padi, Assam tumis with black pomfret and Stir fired potato leaves. Mark was amazed by the food and its price and shared why it’s one of the most popular in the town.

The food blogger also shared his Indonesian food experience when he tried local foods in Laksa Bogor Pak Inin. He ate rice noodles in this local traditional style restaurant and share the process of making Laksa Bogor and its price. Wiens also loves to eat in countryside restaurants and always curious about the ingredients used in the food.

Mark Wiens and Sonny Side Food Vlogging And Review Together

Sonny Side (Best Ever Food Review Show) is one of the most popular food vlogger and reviewer on YouTube. Mark and Sonny collaborated on various occasion to review some of the most delicious food. They went to a small town about an hour drive from Bangkok and shared their unique experience of cooking chicken, called Hay Chicken and spicy Papaya Salad. The video was highly appreciated by their fans and got over 10 million views.

The second time Mark Wiens met Sonny Side in Los Angeles and they went to eat at Shrimp Tray. The Shrimp dish is one of the very popular dish among the locals in Los Angeles and they also shared the number of sea foods available at this place. Mark and Sonny orders a lots of sea foods with some hot sauces. They tried to finish all the foods they ordered but could not finish but the whole experience was just amazing.

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Full NameMark Wiens
Nick Name and his Stage Name Mark
YouTube Channel NameMark Wiens, Mark Abroad, Big On Spice – Mark Wiens
Channel CategoryFood Vlogging
Date of Birth1986
Zodiac SignNot available
StudyGlobal studies from Arizona State University.
Height5′ 8″ Feet
Weight (approx.)68 KG
Birth PlacePhoenix, Arizona, USA
ProfessionTravel Writer, Travel Food Blogger/Vlogger, Photographer,
Television Host, YouTuber, Restaurateur based in Bangkok, Thailand
Father’s NameNot available
Mother’s NameNot available
Marital StatusMarried to Ying
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifeWife: Ying Wiens
Current ResidenceBangkok, Thailand
Family MembersFather: Details not available
Brother: Details not available
Sisters: Details not available
Wife: Ying Wiens
Son: Micah Tharachat Wiens
Net Worth (approx.)$ 2 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @migrationology
Facebook: migrationology
Some Lesser-Known FactsMark’s grandfather was a Chinese chef.
He has done his study from different schools in different countries.

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