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Anastasia Radzinskaya better known as Like Nastya is a Russian-American YouTube star, born on January 27, 2014, in South Russian City Krasnodar Krai, Anastasia started her YouTube journey at a very young age on 6 Dec 2016 when her father created a YouTube channel for her and named it ‘Like Nastya’. Her YouTube channel got over 74 million subscribers over the years and it is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. The channel has over 583 videos till now has billions of views.

Nastya’s parents created the YouTube channel and initially, they used to upload unboxing videos, where they used to unbox toys. Since the channel started getting fame, they started creating many other activity videos of Nastya. Anastasia has many other YouTube channel like Like Nastya Vlog, Like Nastya DE, Like Nastya Show, Like Nastya PRT and few other.

Nastya is one of the most popular social media personalities, and because of her growing popularity, she started creating content in multiple languages to reach a wide range of audiences across the globe. Nastya’s rising fame has taken her to the list of most paid YouTubers, according to Forbes her estimated annual income is around $18 million.

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Early Life

Anastasia Radzinskaya is also known as Анастасия Радзинская in Russian, born in Russia Nastya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. Doctors said she may not be able to speak ever, and her parents were worried about their kid but later at the ager of 2-3 years, she was fine and don’t have the symptom of cerebral palsy.

Her mother used to work in a bridal salon in the city of Krasnodar and her father has his own construction company, his business was in profit but there was no reliability. In 2015, they decided to sell their profitable company and in 2016 they created the YouTube channel Like Nastya.

YouTube channel Like Nastya began with toy unboxing videos, where they used to upload videos while giving comments on the toys but later, they also uploaded their visit to amusement parks from different countries. The family visited six different countries within a year of the channel launch. They spent millions of Russian rubles from their savings to support the channel and very soon the channel was in profit.

Like Nastya Instagram Picture

Like Nastya
Image: Like Nastya Instagram

Since they started the YouTube channel Like Nastya and other accompanying channels, baby Nastya got huge fame and became one of the most popular children’s YouTubers. The channel got a large number of subscribers and also received billions of views, which made her a topmost subscribed and paid YouTuber who created videos in different languages.

To make her reach a large audience Nastya has also created her mobile app, the app features various games. She has also signed a deal with IMG in 2020 for the production of consumer products like her own brand of merchandise, which includes apparel, toy homeware, and other various products.

Nastya’s first video was a tour of an amusement park and they recorded the video in the Russian language, where she was with her parents where she was feeding fish, elephants, and tigers, checking toys, and riding an elephant in a Tiger Zoo. Baby Nastya can be seen enjoying and playing with the animals in the zoo with her father.

A video that was uploaded on the channel shows Nastya’s visit to the ice cream museum. The colorful video shows her reaction while having fun in the ice cream museum and enjoying eating ice creams of her favorite flavor. The museum had a lot of options to play and learn out of that, and the video also helps other kids to learn.

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Nastya does create videos when she travels, and one of those video show her travel days on an island where she searching her father who she feels lost on the island, and during her search, there are many animated animal characters appears on the screen, which makes the video more interactive and interesting to watch.

Her videos are great learning for growing kids, they can learn with fun watching her videos and that’s one of the reasons for her success. In one of her videos, Nastya along with her father can be seen building a playhouse for her toys, the video was really motivating for the young kids and teaches how to treat and take care of pets and deal with them. In many of her videos, she pretends to play with toys and treat them as they are alive.

Nastya’s videos are overloaded with her cute acts and expressions, in one such video she did her own makeup with her own makeup box and dresses up like a princess, she loves doing makeup and has created many such videos. She can be seen doing makeup and playing with makeup toys and dress up and it’s really cute what she brings as a kid. In the video, she puts her nail color and face mask on her own, along with lipstick and eyebrow color.

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All those parents who want their kids to learn good behaviors can show Nastya’s video to them, her videos are not just all about playing with different types of toys but also give a good message to the children. In one of Nastya’s videos, she has shown what are the good and bad behaviors and what we should do to keep us organized and clean.

Nastya has played a double role as Nastya and Stacy, where Nastya does all the good work like getting up on time and arranging her bed, eating food, cleaning her teeth organizing her wardrobe, and doing her homework. The video shows the common habits of the kids and how they can be well behaved.

Like Nastya, Anastasia Radzinskaya Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Kids, Husband, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameAnastasia Radzinskaya
Nick Name and her Stage NameNastya
YouTube Channel NameLike Nastya
Channel CategoryGaming
Date of Birth27/01/2014
Zodiac SignPisces
StudyDetails not available
HeightDetails not available
Weight (Approx.)Details not available
Birth PlaceKrasnodar Krai, Russia
NationalityRussian – American
Father’s NameHer Father’s name is Sergey Radzinskaya.
Mother’s NameHer Mother’s name is Anna Radzinskaya
Marital StatusSingle
ReligionDetails not available
Current ResidenceFlorida, USA
Boyfriend/Affairs/Husband/GirlfriendInformation is not available
Family MembersFather: Sergey Radzinskaya
Mother: Anna Radzinsky
Net Worth (Approx.)$28 Million in 2020
Social MediaInstagram: @likenastya
Some Lesser-Known FactsThe fun chemistry of Nastya and her father are just unavoidable to watch, the duo appears in almost all the videos and creates magic on the screen.

They use different kinds of toys so that they can create an informative video along with fun like they use toys to teach the English alphabet and toys to learn animal names.

Nastya loves shopping, in her videos, she can be seen doing her toys shopping.

With the growing popularity of the channel Like Nastya, she has also attracted many top brands and they pay her to feature their products in her videos.

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