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Jenn McAllister is an American YouTuber, actress, and social media personality, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania Jenn started her YouTube journey on 16 Jan 2009 when she created her YouTube channel jennxpenn. She has over 3.5 million subscribers on her channel and has uploaded over 435 videos, she has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram. McAllister started her YouTube journey at the age of 13 and proved that age is just a number.

Jenn is not just a successful YouTuber, but she has achieved a lot as an actor and author, her natural skills of entertainment makes her different than other on the internet, with her success she has also got the opportunity to work with many famous social media influencers. Her videos are well connected with her followers and they wait until Saturday when she uploads a video on her YouTube channel.

McAllister was passionate about the camera since a very young age, she got an old camera from her parents when she was just an 8 years old kid. She started using that old camera for video recording and learned how to edit videos on her laptop using Movie Maker and this led her to create her own YouTube channel after 4 years. Those days YouTube was not as popular as today and many people around her were unaware of the video-sharing platform. Jenn started posting silly skits and her music video on her channel which got a few subscribers to her YouTube channel.

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Jenn had created two other YouTube channels apart from jennxpenn, which was her primary channel jennxpenngames and jenn. Jennxpenngames was the channel where she used to upload her gaming videos and later deleted and ‘Jenn’ is her other channel where she uploads her personal vlog videos.

McAllister joined supermac18’s group called MyCollab in 2009, which gave her the opportunity to get featured alongside many other top-notch YouTubers. The channel was highly successful but got dissolved because of some conflict between the channel’s member but after getting a feature in the channel Jenn got amassed a good number of followers.

Jenn McAllister, jennxpenn Instagram

Jenn McAllister
Image: Jenn McAllister Instagram

She had also joined AwesomenessTV, which was a YouTube channel with Lauren Elizabeth, Andrea Russett, and Arden Rose were amongst the other YouTuber. Jenn started making individual videos for the YouTube channel but later also hosted a special show called ‘JennxPenn’sTop10s’ where she used to pick top ten contenders on different topics. Later in 2014, the channel was more focused on Jenn’s life in Las Angeles with her friend and roommate Andrea Russett through a program called Jenn and Andrea/Andrea and Jenn Show, which was more about their life in LA. In the show, they tried to show their problems and challenges living toward their dreams.

Jenn has also worked in ‘Stranger Danger’, which was a prank series of and they used to create public prank videos, YouTuber Meghan Camarena aka strawburry17, and Joey Graceffa was also a part of the series.

Jenn loves traveling and in 2014, she along with Tyler Ward traveled to 16 cities in the USA and Canada to celebrate one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She went to India for a seven-day trip and traveled to New Delhi, Pushkar, Bangalore, and Goa, in the video she said that she loved the Indian food and her stay in Goa was unexpectedly pleasant.

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She was in Europe for a month and started her Euro trip from Amsterdam, Netherlands, her next Euro destination was the German capital Berlin, she explored Germany and share a video on her channel, Jenn took the next stop in the trip to Prague, Czech Republic and then went to Salzburg, Austria. The beautiful city of Venice in Italy was also on her list to go and visit.

Jenn has been to the Philippines and in one of her videos she has shared her travel experience to the Philippines, her travel videos are not like tour guided videos but she always tries to show the beautiful places around the place she visits.

In August 2015, Jenn McAllister published a book with the title ‘Really Professional Internet Person’, she tried to portray her own life experience as a social media influencer, what are the challenges she faced, and her future goals and aspirations.

Jenn McAllister, jennxpenn Picture

Jenn McAllister
Image: Jenn McAllister Instagram

In 2015, Jenn McAllister made her mark as an actor and worked in ‘Bad Night’ along with YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth under GRB Entertainment production. In 2016, she started working in ‘Foursome’, an original series with other YouTubers including Meghan Falcone and Logan Paul. The show was an AwesomenessTV production and available on YouTube Red.

McAllister was also nominated for Choice Web Star: Comedy and also for Choice Web Collaboration Teen Choice Awards in 2014. She got the nomination for a video titled Fab Five in Real Life, which she shot in collaboration with the other YouTuber Rebecca Black, Andrew Lowe, Lohanthony, and ThatSoJack. In 2016 Jenn was nominated for the Teen Choice Female Web Star. Jenn has also won the Streamy Awards for the best actress for her role as Andy in Foursome.

Jenn’s parents are very supportive of her, in 2012 when her all three YouTube channels were hacked and later deleted the hacker had also posted her personal information like her address, phone number, and passwords, online. She has mentioned in her book about this incident and said, they also hacked her iCloud account and deleted her photos and contact details. McAllister said that it was the worse time of her life, which disturbed her personally as well as professionally. Later her accounts were restored, and the hacker got caught by the police.

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In a recent video uploaded by Jenn, she has tried to make Korean fried cheese corn dogs. She tried to follow the recipe from TikTok and it’s loved by her followers.

Jenn McAllister, jennxpenn Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Kids, Husband, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameJennifer Ann McAllister
Nick Name and her Stage NameJenn
YouTube Channel Namejennxpenn, jenn
Channel CategoryLifestyle, Travel, Game
Date of Birth09/07/1996
Zodiac SignCancer
StudyCouncil Rock High School South in Holland, Pennsylvania,
Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight (Approx.)52 Kg
Birth PlaceBucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
ProfessionYouTuber, Actress, Writer.
Father’s NameHer Father’s name is not available.
Mother’s NameHer Mother’s name is not available.
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceLas Angeles, California, USA
Boyfriend/Affairs/Husband/GirlfriendInformation is not available
Family MembersShe doesn’t like to share her personal information
Net Worth (Approx.)$5 Million in 2020
Social MediaInstagram: @jennxpenn
Facebook: @jennmcallister
Twitter: @jennmcallister
Some Lesser-Known FactsMcAllister has also worked with Our Time, which was a non-profit organization and through that organization, she used to request young Americans to vote for the USA elections.

She loves playing games and can be seen playing many games in her videos, she had a dedicated gaming channel, which later she deleted.

Jenn’s videos are full of fun, sometimes she reads the hate comments on her channel and other time doing some challenge. The bold and beautiful Jenna knows how to create content and keep engaged with the followers.

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