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Jeffery Steininger is one of the most popular social media personalities, he has over 16.4 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Jeffreestar”. He has created his. YouTube channel on 15 February 2006 and till date he has uploaded over 406 videos on his channel. He has over 14.7 million followers on Instagram.

Jeffery’s father died when he was just 6 years old and his mother then taken care of him. His mother was a model and she used to be busy with her work and that gave Jeffery more time to explore her cosmetics. He asked his mother to allow him to use her makeup kit and to go to school in the same. He used to get bullied in his school for doing makeup like a girl.

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He moved to Los Angeles after his graduation from high school and started working as a makeup artist, model, and singer to survive. He said that he used a fake ID to get access to the clubs in Hollywood, where celebrities used to hire him for makeup jobs at their home.

When he used lipstick for the first time, since then he nursed a dream that one day, he will have his own brand of cosmetics. He worked hard for his dream and the dream came true when he launched his own cosmetic line “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” in 2014.

Jeffree used the MySpace social networking website at the beginning of his career for his music and fashion design. He has a large number of followers on the different social platforms and convinced them to join him on MySpace. He got huge fame there as an independent artist and used to get over 50,000 comments on his photoshoots on MySpace.

Jeffreestar Instagram

Image: Jeffreestar Instagram

Jeffery used to sing, and he released his album “Beauty Killer” in the year of 2009. She has worked with many other music artists. He had also signed to Konvict Muzik, which was labeled by Akon, and once he said that he is The Next Lady Gaga. Later he left the music industry and said that signing Akon’s label was the biggest mistake because Akon was in between some legal issues.  

He started publishing makeup tutorials on YouTube and got appreciated by his followers and his YouTube channel “Jeffreestar” became one of the most-watched YouTube.

Personal Life

Steininger is very close to his friends, and we often see his friends in his videos. In one of his recent uploads, he talked about his friend and how he survived cancer three times, which also shows the sensitive side of Jeffery.

The 35 years old makeup artist shares his life with his fans and in his recent video, he said that he is moving out of California and selling his house. He also said during Covid Lockdown he got sufficient time to think about his personal life issues, which he has never addressed in his life. Jeffreestar also talks about his mental condition and why he is selling his beautiful house in LA.

As we all know that Jeffery has his own business in California, and he said that the business will remain in the city but I will be moving out for a while because of my mental health. Star also talked about his life in 2019-2020, he said that it was one of the worse years when he lost his two dogs and the love of his life, who is no more with him, and these events were so devastating.

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Steininger Mental Health

Steininger feels that he is alone in his big house after he lost his dogs and his partner is no more with him, he said that the house was like a hotel full of working staff his mother, and his love. In the video, we can see the emotional side of the American makeup star, who is selling his house because he feels alone in the house.

The makeup icon also said that he was so busy with his work and was just trying to hide his pain, which hit him back once he finished his project. He worked hard without slowing down but in the end, he had to accept the reality, which was hard for his life.

After watching his video, you will understand the value of people in your life and how important is mental health. Thanks, Jeffery for sharing this with us and we will pray to god that you get the strength and back like you were before, a strong star.

About Jeffreestar – Jeffery Steininger – Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Kids, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameJeffery Steininger
Nick Name and his Stage Name Jeffery
YouTube Channel NameJeffreestar
Channel CategoryFashion
Date of Birth15/11/ 1985
Zodiac SignScorpio
StudyHe has done his schooling from Pacifica high school
Height6 Feet
Weight (approx.)60 KG
Birth PlaceLos Angeles County
ProfessionFashion, Model, Singer, Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist
Father’s NameJeffrey Lynn Steininger Sr.
Mother’s NameMarra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger
Marital StatusSingle
Girlfriend/Affairs/Wife/BoyfriendHe has a boyfriend Andre Marhold
Current ResidenceCalifornia, USA
Family MembersHis father committed suicide when he was just 6 years
old and after that he was not in contact with his mother
for a long time.
Net Worth (approx.)$60 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @Jeffreestar
Facebook: @Jeffreestar
Twitter: @Jeffreestar
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe was criticized for his derogatory remark on minorities,
but later Jeffery apologized for his remark.

When he launched his cosmetic brand on an e-commerce
website, it got sold out instantly.

Jeffery Loves tattoos and he has it all over his body.
He has tattoos of all the people whom he really admires and loves.

He has said that he never drank alcohol in his life.

He has gone through many surgeries to get the look he has now,
he has shared some of the videos on his YouTube channel.

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