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YouTube Channel: Ishita Khanna

Ishita Khanna is an Indian fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, she is well known for her diverse fashion and lifestyle sense. She started her YouTube channel in 2019 and since then she has worked hard to grow her channel. The YouTuber shared her first video on 1st July 2019, let’s try to know more about Ishita Khanna in her biography.

Ishita has over 224k subscribers on her YouTube channel and has uploaded over 149 fashion-related videos on the channel. Khanna also shares her fashion ideas on her social media pages and all of them are loved by her followers. Her ideas are not just for people who love and understand fashion and style but also for those who are willing to know.

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Ishita Khanna Family, Study, and Home Town

Ishita Khanna was born in Rewa, a city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Her parents had their own stabilized business and she grew up with her elder sister Navya Khanna and a younger brother. The family also has three dogs and they love them like their family. She went to Dehradun for her study when she was just 10 years old and it was very tough for her to be away from her family, she mentioned in one of her interviews.

The YouTube fashion and style vlogger has done her study at Welham Ladies’ Faculty, Dehradun and later she did a Bachelor of Arts Grasp’s diploma from St. Xavier’s College. She was a good student and wanted to be an IAS officer but her destiny had some other plans for her and she became a full-time YouTuber. Khanna got 92% in her class 10th examination and above 94% in class 12th.

Her parents and the other family members are very supportive of her work and we can see that in her videos. She has shared several videos where you can see her mother and father sharing the screen. There are a few question and answers videos on her channel with her parents where they took the questions asked by Ishita’s subscribers and answered them.

YouTuber Ishita Khanna’s elder sister, who is married and lives in Agra, UP has also helped her to create many videos. In one such video, she was behind the camera and asked various questions asked by her followers.

Ishita Khanna Instagram

Ishita Khanna
Image: Ishita Khanna Instagram

Ishita Khanna Career

Fashion vlogger, Ishita Khanna started her career as a freelance content writer and she also worked with some food blogs as a content developer. Khanna was also creating YouTube videos for the food blogs and that was the time when she realized her talent and decided to create her own YouTube channel.

She used to love Infront of the camera and was passionate about creating videos. While working with the food blog and creating videos, she thought why not create her own channel and create videos for her own brand instead of creating for someone else. After a deep thought, she created her own YouTube channel and started her journey.

The stylish vlogger also mentioned about her other jobs, which she has done before coming on YouTube. Ishita said she used to work with Good Times TV channel as a social media manager and she worked with them for over a year. Her YouTube channel was growing when she was working with Good Times. Once she realized that her YouTube channel has grown, she left her job and started concentrating on YouTube.

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YouTube Videos of Ishita Khanna

Ishita started her YouTube career on her birthday, 1st July 2019 and on the same day, she shared her first video on her YouTube channel. The video was all about how to get your shopping done in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Flea Market. The challenge was she had to get the sopping done within an hour in the busy market. She has also mentioned her bargaining skills, which she felt were not good at all.

Ishita is not just about shopping and dresses but she also knows how to get better with the combination of dresses and makeup. She has shared a number of videos that can help you to look better and you will also get to understand how to use all of those makeup products. The YouTuber also shares about the kind of products she uses for her makeup. All of her videos can be helpful for all those who want to look beautiful and stylish.

It’s always a big concern for girls when it comes to selecting what to wear to a wedding. She has solved the most challenging problem for women she has created a video. Ishita Khanna has shared a video where she has shown what to wear at an Indian wedding. She has shared her thoughts and revealed some of the dresses which were a combination of modern Indo-western culture.

If you are willing to know more about how to have a good and stylish lifestyle, she has a video for you. In her video, you will also find how to take care of your skin during different weather and clement conditions. The young fashion YouTuber has shared her thoughts about various sunscreens and beauty products. These tips can be really helpful for those who are looking to maintain their skin.

Social Media Photo

Ishita Khanna
Image: Ishita Khanna Instagram

Unknown Facts About Ishita Khanna

The YouTube fashion and style vlogger loves traveling and has been to many beautiful countries. She has been to Switzerland, France, Italy, the USA, Sweden Netherlands, Nepal, and UAE. She has mentioned her love for traveling and said she has a Wishlist. One day she would love to travel to all of them as soon as possible.  

While asking about her marriage she said, she doesn’t have any plan for now. It will happen when it has to happen and she is not thinking much about marriage.

Her mother told in a question-answer session about her favorite kid, she said Ishita was and is her favorite kid. She also said that She was very fussy about her socks while going to school every morning.

About Ishita Khanna Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Affairs, Husband, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Kids, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, Bikes, House.

Full NameIshita Khanna
Nick Name and her Stage NameIshu
YouTube Channel NameIshita Khanna
Channel CategoryFashion and Lifestyle
Date of Birth01/07/1993
Zodiac SignTaurus
StudyIshita has done her schooling at Welham Ladies’​ Faculty, Dehradun.
She has done a Bachelor of Arts Grasp’s diploma at St. Xavier’s Faculty
and got her degree in Economics from the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics
Height5’ 6’’ Feet
Weight (approx.)54 Kg
Birth PlaceRewa, Madhyapradesh
Father’s NameHer father’s name is not available
Mother’s NameHer mother’s name is Pallavi Khanna
Marital StatusSingle
Current ResidenceRewa, Madhyapradesh
Boyfriend/Affairs/HusbandDetails not available
Family MembersParents, Elder Sister, Younger Brother, and Three Dogs
Net Worth (approx.)Details not available
Social MediaFacebook: Ishita Khanna
Twitter: @IshitaKhanna
Instagram: ish_snazzle
Some Lesser-Known FactsShe is really scared of Lizards and they creep her out. She has
mentioned this while giving an answer to a question asked by
her subscriber.

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