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YouTube Channel: PewDiePie

PewDiePie, real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is one of the most subscribed YouTubers, with over 111 Million subscribers o his YouTube channel he is the most-watched YouTuber. Since his childhood, he was in love with Video Games and Painting and he used to make sketches of his favorite character, later he turned his passion for video games into his career and became the most successful YouTuber. Felix has uploaded over 4464 videos on his YouTube channel PewDiePie. The gamer is not just famous on YouTube but also on the social media site Instagram, where he has over 21.8 million followers.

PewDiePie Merch

PewDiePie has its own clothing collection and merchandise, which is very famous amongst its fans when you have over 100 million subscribers who are really in love with you, you don’t need to work hard on your product branding and PewDiePie understands this and use its popularity for his brand promotion. His growing popularity has helped him to build a strong brand and online platforms like Amazon and other eCommerce websites gave fuel to grow his brand products PewDiePie Merch on Amazon and other online platforms.

There are a number of products that come under the PewDiePie Merch brand umbrella, which includes his clothing (pewdiepie merch Tsuki), electronics (pewdiepie merch headphones) and furniture (pewdiepie merch chair) are the main brands, let talk a little more about pewdiepie merch products in details.

Image: pewdiepie Instagram

Tsuki pewdiepie

pewdiepie has launched his clothing brand called Tsuki pewdiepie with his wife Marzia Kjellberg Bisognin, their fans and followers have taken the brand instantly and this bost the couples confidence to work hard to get more and make the pewdiepie’s merch Tsuki a successful brand, which I feel they have already made. Kjellberg aka pewdiepie merch tsuki is available on his website and also on Amazon.

pewdiepie Merch Chair (Clutch Chairz)

As we all know pewdiepie is famous for his gaming skills and for all the gamers their chairs play an important role because they spent most of the time sitting and playing their favorite games. Keeping that in mind Felix decided to launch his own chair under pewdiepie merch chair collections and launched clutch chairz. These Clutch chairz got instant fame amongst his followers because most of his fans are also gamers or they love games.

He created the Clutch chairz keeping all the comfort and flexibility required when you play an online game for a long time and also need to take care of your health, because if you sit for a long time on a chair that may hurt the gamer back, so he took care of all the prospect to create a batter product, so if you are a gamer or spend more time on your chair for your work, you got Clutch chairz to take care of your health, the product is also available online.

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pewdiepie Merch Headphones

Headset plays an important role in every online gamer’s life, they always prefer good headphones when they have to record the video for YouTub, keeping in mind pewdiepie launched its own headphones brand, also known as pewdiepie merch headphones. These headphones are available for sale in different colors and standards, and they are available online and also on Amazon to buy. The Analog Gaming Headset, Razer Pewdiepie Kraken Pro V2, which is a red color headphone is highly rated on Amazon and the other pewdiepie merch headphones Razer Rz04-R3M1 with wired ad it’s an on-ear Headphones which also has a mic to record and it’s available in green color.

There are a few other options available under pewdiepie merch headphones collections. pewdiepie headphones cat is also famous amongst his followers, which he generally uses during his live streaming and also in his videos which he uploads on his YouTube channel, the cat headphones are really popular amongst his viewers.

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Kjellberg’s Family

His parents are well established as her mother is a former CIO and his father is a former executive. he has an elder sister Fanny. He got hitched in 2019 with his long-time Italian Girlfriend Marzia Kjellberg Bisognin and moved to Brighton, his wife is a fashion and Beauty Vlogger and they have two little cute pugs named Maya and Edgar, Kjellberg is currently living with his wife at their own house and has launched a few brands together and working hard to it successful.

Kjellberg often goes to meet his parents and sister in Sweden and the family looks great together, he has shared a picture recently when he went to meet his parents and sister in Sweden. He does believe in family values and we can see that in his Instagram post.

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Childhood and Study

Kjellberg went to a local high school and after high school and attended the Chalmers University of Technology to study Industrial Economics and Technology Management, but he was not feeling comfortable in his study and wanted to work full time as a YouTuber and thus after long thought, he decided to drop from University to pursue his passion. After he left his degree in between for his YouTube career, he also joined a photoshop contest and tried to earn a studentship at a prominent Scandinavian Advertising Agency, which is one of the most prestigious institutions in the city but he did not get success to achieve that even after his hard work.

pewdiepie had a target, passion, and skills to start his own YouTube journey but as a young kid, you need money to build all the setup because he wanted to start a game channel. The young Kjellberg started to work hard to get all done and did some odd jobs also but that was not enough, meanwhile, he sold a few of his artwork print through his Grandmother’s photo gallery and it helped him to get a computer and that was the time when his YouTube journey started.  

When he dropped his university and decided to pursue his passion, his parents initially did not support his career direction and they were very upset with their son. PewDiePie has to do some odd jobs to fulfill his daily needs, and he also worked in a Hot dog cafe but someone has said if you have passion for something you should work hard to achieve that, and the young boy did the same.

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YouTube Journey

Felix has registered his first YouTube Channel in 2006 as PewDie and started his YouTube journey, he was in love with games and started recording them and creating videos for YouTube he used to upload his Game Videos as on time he was deeply introverted for gaming that he forgot his youtube channel password.

In his initial days on YouTube, he did not get success as he was expecting but he has a clear idea of how it functions and what to do to achieve the max out of YouTube, after that he also created a few other YouTube channels during that time.

His actual success came later in the year 2010 when he created one more YouTube Channel and named it PewDiePie, this Channel was mainly based on Let’s Play Video Games as content and he used to commentaries horror games and action video games. In just two years his channel drastically grew up and reached 1 Million Subscribers. As he started to become famous because of his YouTube Channel he got a contract from Maker’s Gaming Sub-Network and launched Game Stations.

PewDiePie Instagram

Image: PewDiePie Instagram
Image: PewDiePie Instagram

PewDiePie YouTube Videos

PewDiePie had a passion for online games since his childhood and always wanted to make his career in the same field, YouTube gave him a platform to showcase his skills and make a career out of that, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

He was good at games so he started recording them and to add more fun to that, he started doing commentary. At the same time, his exceptional commentary skills made his videos unique on the YouTube platform. Felix started getting recognition for his work and with that and he gained a large fan base. Very soon, he was one of those first YouTubers who got a million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Felix is not just uploaded games videos but sometimes he shared review videos also, yes you heard it right, review videos of popular YouTubers’ house tour videos. PewDiePie has shared a video long back where he was doing a review of Pokimane, Justin Bieber, Jeffreestar, and Troye Sivan’s house tour video which these stars have posted on social media.

His funny commentary on the video was loved by his fans, at one moment he said “you should arrange the wires” and people went crazy saying “that’s a father’s thing to say (someone commented on the video)”. In the same video, he included Justin Bieber’s tour bus video, he said he loves such luxury on the road, and shared his thoughts.

He was funny as well as realistic about the video, while watching the videos he was also mentioning that even I don’t have that in my house. and really appreciated the good work that went in all the star’s houses. PewDiePie such funny comments make his videos very connecting with his audience.

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PewDiePie Loves Traveling

We all know PewDiePie as an online gamer, commentator but Felix loves traveling too. He uploaded his pics and you can find that on his Instagram. He doesn’t like recording his travel journey or travel videos, PewDiePie feels traveling is personal but he updates about his journey on social media like Instagram.

After his marriage, the couple went to Indonesia for their honeymoon and he has shared a few pics from there. In one of the pics he was in front of a temple, and in the other, he was in a resort/villa. You will find him in a traditional dress, which is mandatory to visit such temples in Bali.

PewDiePie has shared another post on Instagram where you can see him posing with some monkeys, in front of waterfalls in Bali and also in a paddy field, which is one of the iconic ways to take pictures in Indonesia.

He had tried his hand at surfing also in Bali and has shared one photo on a surfing boat. You can also find his caption, where he has mentioned that it’s the first time for him to do surfing. Apart from Indonesia, he has traveled to many other countries and Japan is one of them. Felix has shared a pic from Japan also on his Instagram and the picture was loved by his fans.

About PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Affairs, Wife, Kids, Dog, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Car, House.

Full NameFelix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Nick Name and his Stage Name PewDiePie
YouTube Channel NamePewDiePie
Channel CategoryGaming: PewDiePie-Let’s Play
Date of Birth24/10/1989
Zodiac SignScorpio
StudyChalmers University of Technology– Industrial Economics
and Technology Management
Height5’11’ Feet
Weight75 kg
Birth PlaceGothenburg, Sweden
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Comedian
Father’s NameLotta Kristine Johanna
Mother’s NameUlf Christian Kjellberg
Marital StatusMarried to Marzia kjellberg Bisognin
Current ResidenceBrighton, England, United Kingdom
Girlfriend/Affairs/WifePewDiePie is married to Marzia Bisognin in 2019.
Marzia Bisognin is a businesswoman.
She is a fashion designer and also a Writer.
Family MembersHis Parents, Sister Fanny, and Wife
Net Worth (approx.)$ 40 million
Social MediaInstagram: @pewdiepie
Facebook: PewDiePie
Youtube: PewDiePie
Twitter: @pewdiepie
Some Lesser Known FactsWith his YouTube fame, Felix has also been involved in a lot of
controversies over a period of time and tried to apologize
a lot many times. He has also mentioned that from the
past controversies he has failed to learn things and still
do some mistakes.

He has also mentioned probably next year he will take a
little break as he wants some time for himself.

His wife also was a Vlogger and but she stopped using
her YouTube channel.

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