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YouTube: Gab Smolders

Evelien Smolders is a Dutch YouTuber, She started her YouTube journey on 24th September 2014 when she created her YouTube channel “Gab Smolders”. The YouTuber has a huge fan following and she has over 800K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Smolders has uploaded over 3528 videos on her YouTube channel. Let’s know more about the YouTuber in this biography.

Gab Smolders is also famous on other social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. She has over 330K followers on Instagram and over 284k followers on Twitter and it shows her popularity on various social media platforms. Smolders always use social media to connect with her fans and she is very active on various platforms.

Evelien Smolders (Gab Smolders) Family Biography

Evelien was born in the Netherlands on 11th September 1988 and did her study from there. The Dutch YouTuber doesn’t like to share much about her personal life on social media but there is little information available on the internet and some of them are what she has shared with her fans. She was the youngest amongst the four siblings, Smolders has two older sisters and a brother.

Her oldest sister has three kids and the other has two kids. Her older sister’s kid’s name is Leo, which is also her grandfather’s name. Smolders father used to work in the construction business and her mother was a tutor, information based on the internet news.

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Evelien Smolders YouTube Videos

Evelien is a gamer and she uploads her gaming videos on her YouTube channel “Gab Smolders”. She plays various online games and her commentaries are loved by her followers and she justifies that with her gaming skills. If you like online games or want to learn you should watch her videos because she uploads the whole long videos where she patiently explains what is she doing?

Smolders doesn’t hesitate to try new games and share her experience with the game. She often gets sponsored games and it feels she gives her genuine opinion about the games she plays. Gab Smolders has many such videos where she tried her hand for the first time and also appreciated the visuals and characters of the games.

The Gaming YouTuber has a passion for online gaming and you can see this in her videos. Smolders has shared a video where she tried to play an online game Resident Evil 4 and she played this game in VR. Evelien has shared her experience with the VR and how it was with the game. So if you want to try online games in VR and want to know more about how it would feel to play, you can watch this video on her channel.

Evelien Smolders Instagram

Gab Smolders
Image: Gab Smolders Instagram

Smolders is very active on Tik Tok and often shares her reaction video of other Tik Tokers. She has shared one such video where she saw a few dance moves and said she would love to do those steps. She has a cat BB and when she was watching a tik tok video and saw a few cat funny activities, she was laughing and said it’s pretty the same as what BB does.

The YouTuber has also expressed her love for marshmallows and said she loves them a lot. While watching a marshmallows recipe video, she said she loves marshmallows and would love to try something similar to the video.

Evelien Smolders Cat BB

Smolders has a cute cat and her name is BB, she loves her cat a lot and she often shares her video on her channel. In one such video, Evelien said that she cannot have a Christmas tree at home because BB tries to eat the tree. She also shared that BB jumps on the trees and the decorations and last year she destroyed her Christmas tree that’s why she doesn’t like to keep the Christmas tree at home.

The gamer really loves cats and watches all the funny and cute videos of other cats available on the internet. She gets laughter while watching someone else’s videos and it shows her love for the cats. Evelien has also shared some of her plans to decorate her house based on a cat theme.

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Gab Smolders Tattoos

Evelien Smolders is in love with tattoos and you can find that love in each photo that she shares on her social media. She has a number of tattoos on her both arms and these tattoos are mostly based on fictional or gaming-inspired characters. Smolders always posts when she gets a new tattoo inked on her body and you can see the perfection of artwork in each of her tattoos.

Her right arm tattoos are done by one artist when she was living in Japan and all of the artwork looks amazing. Gab’s left-hand tattoos are done when she was in Europe and she thinks it’s two phases of her life one when she was in Japan and the other back home.

She loves to interact with her fans and often asks them what they want to see on her YouTube videos. Gab Smolders has shared a video on the occasion of 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Smolders has mentioned that she always wanted to achieve this millstone and feels it’s a great achievement for her and she is very happy about it.

Evelien Smolders and Seán William McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) Relationship

Evelien Smolders and Seán are in a relationship and they are very open about their relationship. Seán William McLoughlin is also a very popular YouTuber and his YouTube channel name is Jacksepticeye. The couple is very vocal about their relationship and always shares their pictures on their social media which shows their strong bonding with each other.

Gab Smolders
Image: Gab Smolders Instagram

Gab Smolders Eye Color and Birthmark.

The young YouTuber has also shared that she has Heterochromia, and it’s visible sometimes when she comes closer to the camera. Smolders has also mentioned that you can notice that her eyes have two different colors in the few pictures which she has shared on her social media.

She has shared her birthmark in a video, where you can see a line from her lips to the lower jaw. Evelien Smolders said it’s her birthmark and you can notice that if you look closer to her face or in-camera closeup also but it’s not much visible because of the makeup. Smolders said that she was born with the line, she tried to remove it but the doctor said it’s only available in one place in the whole Netherlands.

Gab Smolders Hobbies

Gab Smolders loves to play Piano and she has shared some of its videos on her social media. She has taken training on how to play the piano when she was in high school and since then she plays piano whenever she is free but Evelien never tried to learn new songs. The YouTuber wants to learn more and wants to make videos on piano.

She used to play handball when she was in elementary school till she passed high school. Smolders left playing because she moved to a different city for her college and she was a goalkeeper on her team. Gab has also played badminton for two years and used to love cycling during those days. Once she was hit by a car while cycling and it damaged her collarbone and it took a while to get healed.

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Evelien Smolders Language Skills

She has done her master’s degree in the Japanese language and she is fluent in the language. It took her six years to complete the degree. Evelien was in Japan for two years to get the degree and did a few research on Japanese families to achieve the degree. She said she learned how to approach people for research or business and it was a very insightful year.

The YouTuber has three main languages in which she is fluent and they are English, Dutch and Japanese Languages. Gab also knows Korean, German, French, and basic Mandarin languages and shows her multicultural interest.

She was living in Japan for seven years, Evelien went to Japan with her boyfriend who was working there. She had a job in Amsterdam after her graduation but because of her boyfriend, she decided to go there and left her job.

Evelien was working as a project manager after her graduation and she was taking care of translation work in the organization based in Amsterdam. She left the job in 2017 because her YouTube channel was doing well and she decided to concentrate on her YouTube channel which income was enough for her.

The online gamer and YouTuber also have some experience in modeling which she has done for some wellness centers in Japan. She said she was not very comfortable with that but got paid $200 for that and after that, she never saw that advertisement.

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About Evelien (Gab) Smolders Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Affairs, Husband, Divorce, Father, Mother, Kids, Photo, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Song, Car, House.

Full NameEvelien Smolders
Nick Name and her Stage NameGab
YouTube Channel NameGab Smolders
Channel CategoryGaming
Date of Birth11/09/1988
Zodiac SignVirgo
StudyShe has done her master’s degree in the Japanese language
Height5’ 10’’ Feet
Weight (approx.)65 Kg
Birth PlaceNetherlands
ProfessionYouTuber and Gamer
Father’s NameHer father’s name is not available
Mother’s NameHer mother’s name is not available
Marital StatusGab Smolders is in a relationship with YouTuber
Seán William McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)
Current ResidenceBrighton, England, United Kingdom  
Boyfriend/Affairs/Husband/DivorceShe was married to YouTuber Pyke (TaiyouInc)
now she is in a relationship with Jacksepticeye
Family MembersParents, two older sisters, and an older brother
Net Worth (approx.)$0.5 Million
Social MediaTwitter @GabSmolders
Instagram: @gabsmolders
Some Lesser-Known FactsThe YouTuber is fluent in English, Dutch, and Japanese Languages
and she also knows Korean, German, French, and basic
Mandarin languages.

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