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A young Canadian musician, Andrew Huang is a famous YouTuber and music video producer. Huang started his YouTube journey on 20 October 2006, when he created a YouTube channel on his name. He has published over 592 videos on his YouTube channel and with over 2.2 million subscribers he has earned over 270 million views on his videos.

He got fame with a video series, which was basically a Song Challenge Series, he holds a good command and understands sound from unconventional instrument and objects which we use and see in our daily life. Huang created several music videos from such sounds and in his initial days, these music videos helped him to gain some popularity on the video sharing platform.

Andrew Huang Personal Life

Andrew was born on 8 April 1984, in Ottawa, Ontario province of Canada, while growing he was always interested in music, and to follow his passion for music Huang did a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from York University and took his passion to next level. After his study, he decided to continue his career as a freelance music producer and that’s when he was introduced to YouTube. Huang is married and lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Esther.

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Huang did a part-time job, while he was at York University, he also used to auction his songwriting content on the online platform eBay, where he used to provide a custom written and recorded song to the auction winner in their required genre.

In April 2004 after the success of an online auction on eBay, he launched his own website Songs To Wear Pants To. His website was providing commission songs based on the individual request. After some time the website grew and got popularity and then Huang started getting commissions from the website for free. The success of the website added a new angle to his career.

YouTube Journey

The songs which Huang created for Songs To Wear Pants To, later he created music video out of that and started uploading on his YouTube channel since October 2006. Huang’s thematically focused music videos gave him fame along with his ability to create a wide range of musical genres. He has published many music videos and can be seen in his own videos as an artist, which made it easy for him to show his skills and perform various elements of his music videos.

Andrew’s Song Challenge series, which was also his inspiration behind Songs To Wear Pants To, made him a well-known face amongst music enthusiasts on YouTube. Huang takes challenges from his viewers from social media platforms and creates music based on that. He has also released a track Vass Tunga, which was a rap song in five different languages in 2013.

Andrew Huang Instagram

Andrew Huang
Image: Andrew Huang Instagram

Huang collaboration with various artist.

Andrew’s growing popularity and his outstanding skills in using unconventional musical instruments gave him the opportunity to work with many notable YouTube personalities, like Hannah Hart and Boyinaband. Huang has provided lyric writing and instrumentation work for Hank Green and also the Perfect Strangers’ Incongruent, he had also traveled with the band across the USA. In 2013 Huang produced the music of “Geeks vs. Nerds” for Rhett and Link’s.

Huang also worked with popular internet personality and music producer Gunnarolla in 2013 and created some amazing series like New State Plates and also produced We Are What You Tweet. They both did a music tour in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Huang along with Gunnarolla created Dreamz, an electropop music duo. They both also participated in CBC Music’s Searchlight contest with their new title Dreamz, on 11th March 2013 their first number “Come On” got selected for CBC Here and Now’s Song of the Week. The duo was also in the top 16 in the list of the contestant from Toronto, which gave them immense popularity.

WWF-Canada’s official Earth Hour Music

Andrew won the opportunity to develop music with Emily Haines in 2008 after he participated in a contest organized by American Express. Emily is the lead vocalist for Metric, a Canadian indie band. In 2012 he produced the anthem for WWF-Canada’s official Earth Hour, Huang used the lyrics from his the user’s submission and later he live performed the same song during the Earth Day celebration in 2012 and 2013 in Toronto.

Huang formed a duo called First of October with Rob Scallon in 2018 and they recorded a whole 10 song track album in just one recording session. They made two albums titled Gourmet Ravioli and Ten Hours and they wrote and recorded both of the albums in just one day.

Andrew and YouTuber Hank Green, who is also a science educator started a new project in 2019 for a YouTube channel called Journey to the Microcosmos. Huang created the ambient tracks for the channel which used to accompany the short videos of microscope different biological life.

Andrew Huang‘s Wife

Andrew Huang
Image: Andrew Huang Instagram

Andrew Huang Music

Studio albums

2011Hearing a Truth Serum2014Galaxy
2011Love Songs2014Comet
2012Console2015Bouncy Castle
2012The New Neglect2015Cosmos
2012Love & Desolation2015Pintxos
2012Droop (2012)2016Interstellar
2012You Are The Devil2017Lo-fi
2012The Final Countdown2017Stars
2013Magical Body2018FX
2013Lip Bomb2018TV & Video Games
2013Voyager2019Synth City
2013The Coldest Darkness2019Alabaster

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Huang’s Extended plays

2013Youth Mouth2018Level 5 Care
2014Food & Drink2019The Lyres in Trees

Andrew’s Singles

2012One2017You Make Winter Warm
2012Ma Bicyclette2017Rainbowgram
2015Two Funks2018Love Is Real
2015We Are One2018Hangar Granular
2016Good to Love2019Yours
2017Alphabetical2019Lake Louise
2017Blaster2019Summertime Feeling
2017Find Me2020“Miss You” and “You”


Tracks/ YearArtistTracks/ YearArtist
Remixes/2012Multiple artistsForeign Bodies Redux/2018Jeremy Blake, Cuckoo, Rachel K Collier
Darkness/2014Multiple ArtistsRunning Redux/2018MALINDA, JVNA, Mr. Bill, Dyalla
Remixes II/2014Multiple ArtistsTen Hours/2018Rob Scallon – First of October
Last Lights/2015DiveoPractice Notes 35 Redux/2019Sarah the Illstrumentalist, Bad Snacks, Virtual Riot
Hybrid/2015Brent PetrieGourmet Ravioli/2019Rob Scallon “First of October”
Friends/2016Multiple ArtistsDroppy/2019Mr. Bill
Coffee/2017CuckooBass Horns/2020Moon Hooch
Tines/2017Rob Scallon

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Andrew Huang Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids, Photos, Height, Weight, Net Worth.

Full NameAndrew Huang
Nick Name and his Stage Name Andrew
YouTube Channel NameAndrew Huang
Channel CategoryMusic
Date of Birth08/04/ 1984
Zodiac SignAries
StudyBachelor of Fine Arts, York University
HeightInformation Not Available
Weight (approx.)Information Not Available
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionMusic Producer, YouTuber, Internet Personality
Father’s NameHis father name is not available
Mother’s NameHis mother name is not available
Marital StatusMarried to Esther Bowser on September 2008
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Affairs/ WifeWife: Esther Bowser
Current ResidenceToronto, Canada
Family MembersWife: Esther Bowser
Net Worth (approx.)$4 Million
Social MediaInstagram: @andrewismusic
Spotify: Andrew Huang
Twitter: @andrewhuang
Some Lesser-Known FactsHe has also a member of the YouTube network Fullscreen.

Andrew has released over 50 original music albums on his
name as an independent music producer and also through
DFTBA Records.

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